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I DO NOT have diabetes. My fasting blood sugar has always

Resolved Question:

Hi .... I DO NOT have diabetes. My fasting blood sugar has always been in the mid 80s. I have high cholesterol. Overall number 233. HDL 47. LDL 150. After trying a well balanced vegan diet for 28 days my numbers did not change. AND my triglycerides went up from the previous year from 125 to 203. I am not and do not want to go on statins. I did try Red Yeast Rice prescribed in a small dose by a naturopath but developed arm pain at rest and in motion. I weaned myself off and the pain was gone after several months. Both my brothers, one a Type I diabetic, have had pain reaction from statins. They have been switched and continue to take them. I have TYPE I and II diabetes in my family. My health is good. I am a 60 year old, post menopausal (12 years) female. I am perplexed as to how I should be eating. I do like to mostly eat vegetarian, but will buy and eat salmon, organic chicken, and grass-fed beef when it is on sale. I eat small portions. I tend to eat low carb. Example: 1/2 piece flourless whole grain bread with 1 tble almond butter, green tea with lemon (or latte with soy milk), green drink in 8 oz glass of water mixed with 4 oz pomegranite juice (I have mild diagnosed colitis so I add 1 teaspoon of psyllium husk), 2 brazil nuts. Lunch: Handful of romaine lettuce, handful of spinach, purple cabbage, red pepper, several baby carrots, soy nuts, 1 tble raw pumpkin seeds, 1 tble black sesame seeds, none fat dressing that I make from The Engine 2 (vegan) Cookbook. Dinner is generally a rice and bean combination (low fat) and vegetables. I enjoy tofu no more than once a week, if that. I am 4 feet, 10 1/2 inches tall and weigh 120 lbs. My husband and I always split meals when we eat out. Logic tells me my high numbers must have something to do with how I process carbs but I am perplexed as to why that would not show up in my fasting sugar readings. Thank you..... Lynne
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Valarie replied 6 years ago.
Hello. Thank you for coming to JustAnswer with your question, and welcome.
Your diet, as you have described, looks very good. However, I do not see much fat in your diet. "Good" fats are important in maintaining a good balance of HDL, LDL, cholesterol and triglycerides. Good fats would include fatty fish (such as the salmon), olives and olive oil, and avocados. Basically, you are looking for sources of monosaturated fats and Omega 3 fatty acids. Here is a link to a good article for more information about "good" fats:
Many people are helped by just taking a fish oil supplement daily.
High triglycerides can also be caused by drinking alcoholic beverages. For some people, even light drinking can be a problem because of the way the sugars in the alcohol are processed by the body. Also, just eating high glycemic carbohydrates (an example would be white rice) can cause triglycerides to be elevated. So any processed grains you are eating should be changed to whole grain.
Triglycerides can also be affected by exercise. Daily exercise should include some aerobic/cardio type (even just walking briskly), and some weight type training. Your level of triglycerides is basically affected by the amount of calories you consume, versus the amount of calories you are burning. If you do not use all of the calories you eat, they will be converted into triglycerides. And since your weight in within the "normal" BMI range (high normal), what may be happening is that sometimes you get enough activity to use up calories before being converted; and sometimes you don't. So, a regular exercise program should help your body balance everything easier, and may help reduce your triglycerides.
Here is another link to a good article from Mayo Clinic about Triglycerides.
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