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How does it take to completely heal from a major surgery? I

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How long does it take to completely heal from a major surgery? I had a left sided adrenalectomy on 7/29/11. My surgeon says I can walk, but no exercises for six weeks. I told him I am a choir director and musician. I asked when could I resume my job? He said It would be ok to direct and play the keyboard as long as I feel ok. Today, I tried recording a few songs on my keyboard for my choir prior to returning to work. My stomach and back hurted so badly when I was done. On a scale of 1-10 it was at least an 8. I reminded me of when I first came home from the hospital. I have been resting as much as possible but am only able to lye on my right side still because I get sharp pains on the left still. I can tolerate pain if thats the way it suppose to be. I'm not sure if This should still be going on. I don't want to push thru the pain if its not normal that I still have it. I don't see my Surgeon again til 9/8/11. I am returning to work on Sunday. What should I do?
Normally the pain from a major surgery should diminish in a months time. But sometimes the first few times of resuming an activity can cause pain to which the body adjusts to in time.
It is likely that sitting at your keyboard caused the muscles which were incised at the time of the surgery to contract and cause pain.
Please apply a cold pack on the muscles. Pain meds and resting will also help. Once the pain has decreased, try sitting at your keyboard again. If the pain returns please call up your doctor.
You can try slow stretching exercises by reaching up your hands over the head - stretching of the muscles relaxes them and helps earlier healing.
I hope this helps.
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
What about not being able to lye on the left side? Should I still be getting stabbing pains when I lye on my left side? It's also uncomfrotable when I even lye on mu back.
No, the pains on the left side should have diminished by now. Although a mild ache when you lie on that side can occur, stabbing pains are uncommon.
Please try apply a cold pack over the left side twice a day for 3 days and see if that helps. if it does not, you will need to consult the doctor earlier.
Dr. Das, MD and 2 other Health Specialists are ready to help you