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I will be 55 yrs old this month. I've always had problems

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I will be 55 yrs old this month. I've always had problems with my periods--they've been very long & heavy--I've had 3 D&C's in the 1980's--no cancer found. Last July I got a regular period--then no period for 4 months. I got a 10 day period in January 2011. On Feb 7, 2011 I started a light period---which continues to this day--continous light bleeding--no cramping. I saw my gynecologist today. He examined me--said I have a large fibroid (which I knew about)--suggested I have a pelvic sonogram and then a D&C. He calls my bleeding "post menopausal" and he said I should not be bleeding at all at my age. My question is: Is what I'm experiencing considered post menopausal? As far as I'm concerned, I never went through menopause (yet!)--I only went 4 months without a period. He also felt a D&C would be better in my case than an endometrial biopsy done in the office (too painful---I've had two, so I know). Is my case unusual? Could this bleeding just be hormonal? It doesn't HAVE to be cancer, right? I'm a type 2 diabetic on Lantus & Novolog--I also have hypertension and am on Norvasc, Diovan HCT & Toprol XL.
I also take Lipitor and Lovaza. I agreed to the sonogram and the D&C--is this the right decision? I'm a nervous wreck over this! Thanks for any suggestions you can give me!
Hello, and I am pleased to help, use of my answers are for educational purposes only.
What would suggest is a D&C and and if the results of the patholgy show no cancer or precancer, then you should consider an Abalation
The bleeding could be hormonal, but it could also becancer, precancer, a polyp, a fibroid, too.
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