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I was hospitalized in july 2010 for chest pains. they did a

Resolved Question:

I was hospitalized in july 2010 for chest pains. they did a angiogram and found 2 arteries in my heart with major blockage. the first was 95% blocked and the second was 70% blocked. The doctor doing the angiogram wanted me to have a double bypass. This was discussed with another doctor and he refused to do the bypass because he said I drank to much beer.(1 to 4 a day) He said that I would go into withdrawls and most likely die. They put me back on the table and stinted themost blocked artery. When i met with my cardiologist 2 months later he asked why they only stinted the 1 vesel and i said i did not know. then i told him the story of the beer and withdrawls and he said he never heard of such a thing. I also asked my regular doctor and he could not believe it either. Six months later i was back with the same simptoms and the doctor on staffIi would not believe that i had any problems with my heart. He was going to send me home with pain pills and i refused to go. He discussed this with another doctor and he said the same thing. I again refused and told them i had been through this before and i was not leaving unit they fixed me. They bother talked to the docter who did my last stints and he said to do a angiogram and find out what was wrong. They did and the vesel that was 70% blocked before was almost totally blocked. Now they put a stint in it. I feel they should have done this the first time. I would like your opinion on this as I am paying twice.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  DrRussMD replied 6 years ago.
which arteries were these is the question
unless they were small branch arteries then both should have been stented.
70% in a main artery is an indication to stend

That is about the extent of it.
good luck

Let me know if you have further questions

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