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Dr. Arun Phophalia
Dr. Arun Phophalia, Doctor (MD)
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A/C in my car went..After about 120 miles I felt light-headed

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On Wed, July 13th, I drove 200 miles starting out in the heat of the day - 102 degrees. The A/C in my car went out. After about 120 miles I felt light-headed. I had been drinking gatorade. I bought some water. 12 miles later I stopped at a Sheetz and soaked my face and hair - again in another 15 miles and finally stopped at Perkins in another 20 miles for an hour and a half to cool down. My heart was beating fast. I felt exhausted and light-headed. It was dusk when I left and I felt much better to be able to drive the last 30 miles home. The next couple of days I stayed in air conditioning and drank a lot of water and gaterade. I gradually got out during the following week.

Then last Friday, July 29th I over-exerted myself outside. I did drink Gatorade and water but again the heat exhaustion came back. Saturday morning I got up and felt sluggish and usually weeding in the shade has always perks me up – breathing in the fresh air, etc. I was only out there about 40 minutes and felt that I had to come in.

I get the chills. I never took my temperature until yesterday and it started out at 101.6 around 11am and peaked at 103.3 a couple of times during the day. I started to put cold packs on changing their position every 7 or 8 minutes. I couldn’t get below 102.2.
This morning at 7am I woke up to a temperature of 100.6. At 9am I woke up to a temp of 99.7! But as I have been up – just sitting around and walked between rooms – my temp has been around 100.8.

No energy. I pretty much laid down or did paperwork on Saturday. On Sunday seeing how high my temp was, I pretty much just stayed down in bed and on the couch. I kept hoping I could just sleep it off.

Since Friday evening, I get hungry but when I start to eat I have no appetite. And sometimes I feel nauseated after I do eat. I ate very little on Saturday & Sunday. This morning I had a big blueberry pancake – my favorite – but was not able to finish it all – just slight nausea. However, that pancake was more than all I ate yesterday.

Since I came home on July 13th, my urine has mostly been cloudy even on days that I thought I was okay. There were a few times when it was clear. I was concerned because my Mom had a UTI and I thought I might have caught it. Since she has c-diff, I wipe everything that she touches off with Clorox wipes. I wipe down her bathroom every time she goes to the bathroom. If I go to the store, I wipe everything down when I come back. I have no burning sensation when I go to the bathroom but I have felt wiped out.

I am a pretty healthy person. I did have ulcerative colitis in the late 90’s but started taking Digestonal, longest strain anti-oxidant from aloe vera plant. And so have been able to get my life back although I still have a tendency to get the colitis back (especially if I eat something stupid) so I take a maintenance dose (and try not to eat anything stupid).

I am 63 ½ and my weight is around 153, height 5’3”.

Two of my sons and I have done quite a bit of research on heat illness. And I believe I am doing the right thing by resting, drinking water and Gatorade often, and staying in the air conditioning part of my home. I did take 2 aspirins twice yesterday at the advise of my sister pharmacist. However, my son found that aspirin wasn’t that effective in the case of heat exhaustion.

I don’t believe that I have UTI but my sister thinks I should make an appointment to make sure that it isn’t. So I made an appt for tomorrow at 2:45pm.

I also have an appt to get my a/c fixed tomorrow.

So, should I be taking aspirin or something else?

Am I doing everything that I should do?

I am currently chilled and I just took my temp and it is back up to 102.1. I have been up since 9am – mostly just sitting up.

I wish I would have Googled you yesterday but just found you this morning.

Hello Jan,

You are doing (and done) everything for heat stroke or heat related illness. But there has to be something more and UTI is the most likely explanation with your cloudy urine. Incidentally, a significant dehydration can precipitate urinary infection, which may linger on despite the hydration. An high grade temperature persistently cannot be due to heat exhaustion, as you have been taking adequate measures for it. You would require blood work like blood counts and urine examination / urine culture. Meanwhile, taking following measures should help;

1) Tylenol instead of aspirin
2) Vitamin C; it changes pH of urine.
3) Cranberry extract capsule, available at health stores.

Please feel free for your follow up questions.


I would be happy to assist you further, if you need any more information.


Dr. Arun
Dr. Arun Phophalia and other Health Specialists are ready to help you

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