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my legs up, but I am not able to lose 99 pounds over a weekend either

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Mylegs & feet are swollen, the doctor I am going to just says I am overweight and blah blah blah not to sit nor stand too long, etc etc. I try to move about sitting, walking, putting my legs up, but I am not able to lose 99 pounds over a weekend either. Maybe not at all, I have been trying. Every diet works if you stay on it but I simply have not been able to do it. Meanwhile, I have been trying to do what I can - drink green tea, elevate my legs, and now a pharmacist told me to take Diurex because its over the counter - I got some yesterday. Are there any other foods ? drinks ? I can also use to help me with this situation beside a new brain with the ability to stay on a diet and lose this cursed weight ? Yes, I am feeing desperate about being fat again.
have you had an ultrasound of these legs?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Yes, several times and My Dr Dear says I ''am fine' No DVT but the surface connecting veins between are leaking and I do have lumps (blood clots ) in both my legs. Of course I know the weight is awful, I am trying to do everything I can to lose the cursed blubber, meanwhile, I go marry-go-round, legs up, legs down, walking short distances, then legs up again, finally I got some diurex max on my own and have been using it, My legs look better than they have in many weeks. I know to cut out salt, I never was one for much salt anyway since I had to eliminate it as a young woman on my first battles of the bulges, back in the 50's .
Somehow, I just can't 'bite the bullet' and diet this stuff off me anymore. I had a gastro by pass in 2001, at 330 pounds, lost half, had 5 plastic surgery excess skin removals, then an accident to my ankle, not walking for between 1 & 2 years, and gains so much back. I hate it. I feel so angry that I have not been able to lose any weight. The swollen legs are a warning and scare me. I have also determined to stop any alcohol because I think that it may be a factor ? Venous insufficiency is what I was told I have.
diurex is good for 5 pounds

The treatment for venous insufficiency is weight loss, exercise and compression stockings.
The type of diet to be on is a nutrient dense diet, which one can stay on for life.
No calorie counting as it is the type of food you preference and the types you exclude that take care of the weight.
See the book, Eat to Live by Dr. Joel Fuhrman for detailed instructions.

You can google him, join is website and have personalized instruction and support. as well.

That is really one of the only feasible options, there is no pill or magic bullet.
Even strong prescription diet pills are good for only 10% short term.

good luck

Let me know if you have further questions

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thank you for your advice and the manner of saying it. We have been on a fruit and vegetable diet for a long time, I have thought that I am going to grow roots and leaves myself now any day. Of course, in addition, we also ate dairy, I love breads and pasta, and I have not lost weight. I am going to buy the book you recommended, I am sure what it comes down to is fruit and vegetables, olive oil, whole grains and legumes.
Still, all the focus and encouragement I can get will help. I know my weight is critical but it has always been my trauma, since my puberty at age 14. The same with my own mother and aunts on both sides of my family. This has been a life-long battle for me to get and stay a normal size. I find it very interesting myself that I do not eat fat, wouldn't even consider the skin of a chicken or fat on any meat, ugh, and I do not eat sweets at all. Perhaps an exception once or twice a year with a bite of some special chocolate.
We started drinking alcohol about 8 months ago - martinis, red wine, 12 year Black Label Scotch, but I was heavy already before that. Now, I have already stopped alcohol intake for about a month now but no weight loss. I was in Costa Rica , walking and mild exercise, but I had no weight loss.
Medical science has come a long way, we know a lot, but not yet all.