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90. The warning signs of cancer include all of the following

Resolved Question:

The warning signs of cancer include all of the following except
A) being unusually hungry.
B) a sore that doesn't heal.
C) a lump in the breast.
D) change in bowel or bladder habits.
E) obvious change in a wart or mole.
A malignant tumor means that the tumor is
A) likely to spread to surrounding tissue.
B) non-cancerous.
C) dormant.
D) is made up of cells enclosed in a fibrous she
All of the following behaviors will weaken the strength of your immune system except:
A) excessive alcohol consumption
B) exercising regularly
C) preexisting disease
D) not getting enough sleep
E) eating junk food
Which of the following are white blood cells?
A) macrophages
B) B-cells
C) T-cells
D) lymphocytes
E) all of the above
The common route of transmission for the E. coli and salmonella bacteria is;
A) water-borne.
B) airborne.
C) food-borne.
D) animal-borne.
How fat is distributed on the body contributes to risk for heart disease. The greatest risk is associated with fat deposited around the
A) hips and thighs.
B) abdomen.
C) chest.
D) legs.
The most significant uncontrollable risk factor for cardiovascular disease is
A) family history.
B) age.
C) gender.
D) race.
The best way to try to lower the LDL level of the blood before medications are prescribed is
A) reduce the saturated fat in your diet.
B) engage in regular exercise.
C) increase dietary protein.
D) a calorie restricted diet.
E) both A and B
When trying to lose a pound of fat, you should find a way to expend an extra ________ Calories.
A) 2500
B) 3500
C) 4000
D) 4500
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