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My husband has a spider bite beneath his left shoulder blade

Customer Question

My husband has a spider bite beneath his left shoulder blade that he acquired probably Saturday night. Originally we thought it was an ingrown hair or pimple, but after I looked at it closely, two tiny fang marks were visible. It's not horribly red or swollen yet, but he's having a lot of pain and itching in and around the area. The itching has spread to about an inch to two inches radiating from the original bite sight. We live in a high brown recluse infested area, and we're worried. What signs should we look for (besides necrosis...we'd like to catch it before then) to indicate that this is a serious bite? Should we take him to the ER? If it is a brown recluse, what should we do? We don't have a regular family doc to ask, and everywhere I've called can't get us in for a few days, so I really want to make sure we're doing the right thing before we go to the ER...
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. Su S replied 6 years ago.

As you have not noticed the bite it can be due to other causes too. The lot of pain can occur from an infection. This can need oral antibiotic. It can also come from severe pain & allergic reactions to bite. If the bite is due to spider, it can cause serious reaction sometimes. Usually supportive treatment helps. To relieve pain, analgesics like tylenol can be taken. Benadryl can help in allergic raection. Do not apply heat. Ice can be applied. He will need an examination by doctor. Tetanus immunization will be needed if it is not done within 5 years. If the pain is increasing he should go to ER now or otherwise he can go to urgent care tomorrow morning.

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