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Can you help me with my diet/weight. Im 53 and 165 pounds

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Can you help me with my diet/weight. Im 5'3" and 165 pounds almost 34% body fat and need some help losing weight.

Hello. Thank you for coming to JustAnswer with your question, and welcome.


Can you tell me what you are currently eating in an average day? And, please be honest so that I can tell you how to make changes to promote weight loss.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
breakfast: peanut nutter granola bar

lunch: salami sandwich with pepper jack cheese using 2 pieces of wheat bread OR creamy peanut butter sandwich using 2 pieces of wheat bread
apple and/or grapes
a cup of lettuce(with cut up cucumber and green peppers to make a salad-usually 1/3 cup each)
a tablespoon of ranch dressing
individual bag of chips

dinner:usually a veggie, potato or pasta and meat(chicken,beef, or sausage) a salad is also usually included

for the last week i have kept track of my calories and have been usually between 1350 and 1490 calories(on the low end) but i have an 8am to 5pm desk job Monday-Friday

also try to exercise 30 minutes a day on the treadmill

i am 5'3" and 165 pounds with 34% body fat

What do you drink? And how often?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
water and only water. I try to drink 64 oz. I have a water bottle that is 24 oz and make an effort to drink 2 during the work day. But I also chew a lot if ice(think it is thyroid issues)

Ok, I think I have some ideas for you, and I will give you some links to tools that will help you.


You will need to reduce your calorie intake to 1200 calories per day. Make sure not to go below this level, since less would not be nutritionally adequate. Also it is very important to eat the right balance of different foods to get the results you want, so you need to track portions of food groups as well as calories.


Here is a link to a tool that will help you figure out how many servings of what, and what the portion sizes are: Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight pyramid tool Fill out the information and it will give you the pyramid for you, as well as a document you can print out that lists portion sizes of different foods.


And for foods not listed there, here is another link: It will list just about anything you can think of, and it is free to use. There is other nutritional information included, not just calories.


Another link that may be helpful, to track your diet: Livestrong's MyPlate


In general, the concept of using your plate as a guide is a good one. Use a 10inch plate and divide it into quarters. 2 quarters (1/2 the plate) should be vegetables and fruits; 1 quarter for meat; and one quarter for carbohydrates (bread, potato, corn, pasta, rice, etc).


For you specifically here are my thoughts:

Breakfast: Add a cup of milk (low fat or nonfat) and a serving of fruit. Also, be aware that the granola bar probably has at least 1, maybe 2 servings of fat, and some extra sugar.


Lunch: Have a bigger salad, 1/2 sandwich (less fat, and less carb). Use fat free Ranch dressing. Use either the salami or the cheese, not both. And check the list for a serving size of peanut butter. And no potato chips (too many calories and fat grams). Choose something else off of your list.


Dinner: Watch your portion size for meat. One serving of beef (per the Mayo diet) is 1.5 ounces because of the fat content; Chicken is 2.5 ounces and fish is 3 ounces.

Obviously having chicken or fish would be more satisfying and would give you less fat grams.


Add another cup of milk (or a yogurt) during the day to ensure you are getting enough calcium. Plus, studies are suggesting that people who get enough dairy in their diet will lose weight more easily than people who don't.


The Mayo diet seems a bit restrictive, but it is effective. Its all about balancing your allowed portions. Adding the extra cup of milk will give you 4 servings of protein/dairy per day, but I think it is worth the few extra calories as long as you use nonfat.


Any cheese you use should be fat free. Cheese is a good source of protein and calcium, but unfortunately is also has too much fat.


As for thyroid issues: If you think you have a thyroid problem, you need to discuss this with your doctor so some tests can be done. Chewing ice can also be "a habit", or because it is something to chew on that has no calories. People who are deficient in protein can also have this fascination with ice chewing.


You also need to increase your physical activity. Ideally 60 minutes of exercise is needed daily, especially since you have a job that keeps you sedentary. You can use part of your lunch break to walk for 30 minutes a day in addition to the exercise you are currently doing. These types of activities are not enough though to really get your body into weight loss mode. You should also add some weight training at least 3 x week. To do weight training properly, the best thing is to join a gym at least long enough to be taught the proper techniques, then you can continue at home.


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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
thank you. very thorough! i will check out the websites. As far as the thyroid, my mom has hyperthyroidism and i am having the following symptoms: less of a menstrual cycle(now only 3 days-usually 5 or 6), hungry all the time, weight gain, frequent headaches, chewing ice, general fatigue with adequate sleep(8 or 9 hours), and hair loss

Most of your symptoms could be related to thyroid problems; but could also be caused by any number of other things, even being overweight and having a sedentary lifestyle.


Your best option is to see your health care provider to have any possibility of thyroid problems evaluated. If your mother's hyperthyroidism is auto-immune in nature, you may be dealing with the same issues.



Valarie and 2 other Health Specialists are ready to help you