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i have had severe pain just above my ankle for a mouth now

Customer Question

i have had severe pain just above my ankle for a mouth now and cant cope with the pain any longer. my doctor told me it was siatica and gave me painkillers. i went to see a physiotherapist which didnt help at all. i have had an xray on my ankle which showed it wasnt broken and no blood clots. im worried about it now because its not getting better and the pain is quite severe which gets worst when sitting or lying down should i ask my doctoor for a mri scan on it? please help!!!
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  911Doctor replied 6 years ago.

911Doctor : Hello and welcome to JustAnswer,
911Doctor : If you doctor told you that pain above the ankle could be from sciatica then I have no clue what he is thinking.
911Doctor : That makes no sense.
911Doctor : Any injury? Any medical problems? Redness? Swelling?


911Doctor : How tall are you and how much do you weigh?
911Doctor : Ate you athletic?

about 5 foot 4 and about 12 stone and no im not athletic

911Doctor : Sorry, Yankee on the line... Stone = 14 lbs?


911Doctor : Does it hurt all the time or only when walking/ putting pressure on it?
911Doctor : Ok

it hurts all the time but eases when i walk on it the pain is most severe when i sit or when lying in bed

911Doctor : Curious indeed... And would you say this is pain in the joint or more in the shin bone?



its more on the side of my leg just above my ankle

911Doctor : Then can you tell me a bi better where the pain is? Front? Back? Over bone? In soft tissue?

it feels quite deep

911Doctor : Ok
911Doctor : Sorry... Delay in chat...
911Doctor : Okay, a few things come to mind. First and foremost, would be a deep venous thrombosis. This is a clot which often occurs in the calf area sometimes low in the calf. This is found by an ultrasound study. Other things this could be would be a stress fracture of your tibia or Fibula bone. This would be diagnosed with a bone scan. Also I would consider getting a CT scan through the lower part of the leg because you could have something in the soft tissue that does not show up on x-ray. But my first concern is for blood clot.

ive already had a blood test at the hospital and this came back fine

911Doctor : Another possibility is Achilles tendinitis, which woul cause pain at the back of your ankle, but this typically hurts worse with walking.

this is more at the side and eases when walking

911Doctor : If you didn't have an ultrasound you were not tested for a blood clot.

they told me the blood test would show weather or not it was a blood clot????

911Doctor : No... That test is used to get an idea IF someone might have a ot in their lungs... It is notoriously unreliable otherwise.

what should i do then go back to my doctor and ask for a ultrasound on it?

911Doctor : I think an ultrasound would tell us a lot and if it's negative then an MRI would be my next choice.

if it is a blood clot surely i would know by now its been a month now?

911Doctor : Not necessarily... Clots can grow or shrink or travel... And they can be there for years.

im on quite strong painkillers which are not working wat do u suggest

911Doctor : What are u taking?

naproxen 2 times a day tramadol 2 tablets 4-5 times a day and 2 amitriptyline at night and paracetamol

911Doctor : Wow, not bad for minor pain but the thing that stokes me is that this regimen, which would be good for a minor fracture is MOT working! And why amytryptylline?
911Doctor : "not"

to help me sleep i guess


could it be more serious then if the painkillers arent working?

911Doctor : I am going to suggest something to you. I suggest that you become a royal pain in the butt to your physician. He is missing something. I think the studies that I have recommended are very reasonable places to start. But of course I cannot see you and cannot examine you. Your doctors should be alarmed at your symptoms at this point. This medicine is not working. Something is wrong. You need to be seen soon.

maybe i need to see another doctor thanks for your help!

911Doctor and 2 other Health Specialists are ready to help you
Expert:  911Doctor replied 6 years ago.
you are very welcome.....
i hope you get relief and diagnosis and a fix soon.
thank you for your question.