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Please show your work 1. If 31.2 ml of water is added to 0.8

Customer Question

Please show your work
1. If 31.2 ml of water is added to 0.8 ml of a drug A, what is the ratio and the precentage of the strength of the solution?
2. A medication order calls for two tablets q.i.d the frist day, one tablet b.i.d. the second and third day, and one tablet q.d thereafter for a total of two weeks. how many tablets must be dispensed in total?
3. An medication order calls for 1.5 liters of glucose solution to be administered IV over a 10 hour peroid. what will be the flow rate if the drop factor is 10?
4. On a particular day, you remove 75 milliliters, 1.2 liters, 400 milliliters, and 1/4 liter from a container of solution. How many milliliters did you remove from the container in total?
5. A 45 kg patient requires a 450 mg dose of a particular drug. A solution contains 150 mg of the drug per teaspoon. How many ml on the soluion should be given to the patient to deliver the required dose of drug?
6. How many grams of a drug must be used to perpare 3 liters of a 2 percent solution?
7. A particular drug is supplied in tablets of 600 mg strength. A 90 pound patient requires a one week supply of this drug at a dose of 20 mg/ml every 12 hours. How mant tablets are required in total?
8. An animal is to recieve 250 mg metronidazole IV every 12 hours and to give over 60 minutes. The metronidazole comes in 5 mg/ml. What is the flow rate in drops per minute if the drop factor is 10?
9. If one tablet contains 50 mg of a particular drug, how many grams of drug are present in a bottle of 200 tablets?
10. If a 425 grams of sucrose are dissolved in enough water to make 2,000 milliliters of solution. what is the percentage strength of the solution?
11. A doctor administers 2 ml of a 50 mg/ml sedative to a 180 pound patient. what is the equivalent dose in mg/kg?
12. If there's 1.2 g of codeine in 125 ml of a particular cough syrup how many milligrams are contained in 1 taespoon of the syrup?
13. If a 176 pound patient must be given 1 ml/kg of a drug every 8 hours for 7 days what is the total volume of drug that must be administered?
14. Your patient needs Quinidine 0.6 g q.i.d on hand you have 200 mg tablets how many tablets are needed at each dosage time?
15. Ketamine is available ina 100 ml vial that contains 100 mg/ml if 1 ml of ketamine is diluted 1:50 how many mg are in 5ml of diluted solution?
16. One tablet contains 8 mg of a particular drug. A medcation order calls for three and one half tablets to be given to a 150 pound parient. what dose of the drug is given to this patient?
17. If an intravenous solution contains 8 percent mannitol, how many millilters of the solution should be administered to provide a pateint with 50 grams of mannitol?
18. Your've ordered to give your pateint 20 mg of lasix IV you have on hand 10 ml vial containing 100 mg what is the correct dosage?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Valarie replied 6 years ago.

Hello. Thank you for coming to JustAnswer with your question, and welcome.

1) Percentage strength:

0.8ml drug divided by 31.2ml water = 0.025, or 2.5% strength


31.2 divided by .08 = 39 Ratio would be drug : water, 1 : 39

2) 2 tabs qid day 1 (8) + 1 tab bid for 2 days (4) + 1 tab qd for total of 2 weeks (11 more days, so 11 tabs) = 23 tabs total

3) 1.5 liters (1500ml) divided by 10 hours = 150ml per hour. Each ml = 10 gtts, which is 1500 gtts per hour. 1500 gtts divided by 60 = 25 gtts per minute

4) A liter is 1000ml

So, 75ml + 1200ml + 400ml + 250ml = 1925ml

5) 450mg needed divided by 150mg/teaspoon on hand = 3 teaspoons. 1 tsp = 5ml

So dose is 3 x 5ml = 15ml

6) To find grams (gm) the formula is weight of drug (gms) divided by amount of solution times 100 equals percentage of solution.

(x)gms 100

----------- x ----- = 2

3000ml 1


--------- = 2 multiply both sides by 30; amount of drug = 60gms


7) this problem does not make sense.

If the drug comes in 600mg tablets, and you need 20mg twice daily in 1ml of solution you could dissolve 1/2 tablet (300mg) in 15ml solution to get 20mg/ml. Patient would use 2ml per day, or 14ml total in 7 days

8) 250mg divided by 5mg/ml = 50ml

50ml over 60minutes = 0.833 ml/min times 10gtts/ml = 8.3 (8) gtts/min

9) 50mg x 200 = 10,000mg divided by 1000 = 10grams

10) 0.45grams (450mg) 100

-------------------------- x = 0.0225 x 100 = 2.25% solution


11) Dose given = 100mg.

Patient is 180 divided by 2.2 = 81.8kg

Dose is 100mg divided by 81.8kg = 1.22mg/kg

12) 1.2 gm in 125ml = 9.6mg per ml. Multiplied by 5ml (teaspoon) = 48mg

13) 176 divided by 2.2 = 80kg. (to give 80ml 3 times a day = 240ml per day)

240ml x 7 days = total of 1680ml

14) 0.6 grams = 600mg (0.6 times 1000)

600mg divided by 200mg = 3

Each dose is 3 tablets

15) 1ml (100mg) in 50ml solution =

2mg in 1ml solution

2mg x 5ml = 10mg

16) 8mg x 3.5 tabs = 28mg dose

17) Formula is Solute grams (mannitol) divided by Solution mls times 100 equals % solution.

50grams 100

------------- x ----- = 8%

(x) 1


------- = 8 so 5000 = 8x 5000 divided by 8 = 625ml


18) Desired dose (D) divided by what you have on hand (H) multiplied by the ml it comes in, or D 20mg

---- x Amt --------- x 10ml = 2ml is the dose

H 100mg

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

show your work for the question

a paricular drug is supplied in tablets of 600mg strenght. A 90 pound patient requires a one week supply of this drug at at dose of 20 mg/ld every 12 hours how many tablets are required in total

Expert:  Valarie replied 6 years ago.

Can you explain the abbreviation "ld"

Also, it looks like the formating did not come out right in my post for some of the questions, so I may have to explain some of those. If so, just let me know.

Expert:  Valarie replied 6 years ago.

Here is some clarification, and some corrections:

6) (x)gms/3000ml x 100 = 2

100x/3000 = 2

x/30 = 2

x = 60mg

10) 450mg (divided by 1000) = 0.45gms

0.45/2000 x 100 = 0.0225

Answer should be .02% solution

17) 50gm/(x)ml x 100 = 8

50/(x) x 100 = 8

2/(x) = 8/50

8x = 100

x = 12.5ml

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

the question is

A particular drug is supplied in tablets of 600 mg strength. A 90 pound pateint requires a one week supply of this drug at at dose of 20 mg/lb every 12 hours how mant tablets are required in total?

Expert:  Valarie replied 6 years ago.

OK, now it makes sense.

90 lb x 20mg = 1800mg every 12 hours

1800 divided by 600 is 3 tablets for each dose.

Need 14 doses total. (2 doses per day multiplied by 7 days)

So 3 tabs multiplied by 14 doses = 42 tabs total