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My husband resently had a blood clot above his knee that

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My husband resently had a blood clot above his knee that moved to his lungs. He spent 5 days in the hospital, he is now on cumodin--tonight he is experiencing groin pain, and gas--should we be concerned?

When was he in the hospital? Is it on the same leg? Was any intravenous channel introduced in that groin during hospital stay? Is he on any other medication? Is there any other significant past illness?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

3 weeks ago, the opposite leg no canula. He also has diebeites type 2 and neuropathy

Is there any swelling, redness in the groin area?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

slight redness.....does not appear to be swelling

Thank you for the input.

I would advise to get him examined by doctor. There can be a few possibilities for groin pain. Though uncommon clot can occur on both sides. This can produce the redness. Again as he is on coumadin , it can also cause risk of bleeding & redness. Other causes may be there like an skin inflammation, infection, joint issues etc. But it would be safer to get the cause confirmed. Gas can be a separate problem not related with groin pain.

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