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Nurse Tracy
Nurse Tracy, Nurse
Category: Health
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Experience:  4 yrs in emergency room, 3 yrs in pediatrics. 3 yrs studying holistic and alternative medicine.
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I got some blood work back and a few things are

Customer Question

Hi, I got some blood work back and a few things are interesting... Let me precede this by saying that I am a very healthy 30 year old woman, I work out regularly (P90X) and have a 16 month old baby, still nursing. I am gluten-free, diary free, eat lots of raw fruits/veggies and other complex carbs such as quinoa, organic brown rice, etc. I have a nearly "flawless" diet, drink very occasionally, and usually just 1 glass of organic red wine a couple times a month, if that. I do not and have not ever smoked or done any drugs. Healthy.
The abnormal portions of the blood work were a rather high ALB/GLOB ration, and borderline low total bilirubin at .3, with a slightly elevated lipase of 70 IU/L (normal amylase), and everything else in the normal range (WBC, ferritin, iron, etc.). My TSH was 4.16 with a T4 of 5.2, T7 of 1.7 and T3 of 33.0. I've been to a GI doc for an endoscopy, they said "clear" on everything, but am still having upper left quadrant pain which radiates to the upper-mid back almost all of the time. I've begun taking some Pancretin just in case, and tried to take it easy with the working out. Any thoughts on the blood work? Anyone? My regular MD doesn't know what is going on, neither does the GI doc, I've had a CT scan and everything "looked normal" but my dull pain never subsides. Diet makes no difference. I've also had a chest x-ray, clear, and an ultra sound of the gall bladder, all clear. Thoughts? Anyone??? Thanks! e.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Nurse Tracy replied 6 years ago.
Nurse Tracy :

Welcome to Just Answer! It looks like your lab work is actually good. I have known many women who have elevated liver enzymes while nursing. It is the abdominal pain that seems to be concerning. Does it increase or change after eating? Does it diminish after taking the digestive enzymes?

Nurse Tracy :

Your diet is excellent. However, do you get enough probiotics? Either in capsule form or through diet (such as kabucha, kefir, raw milk, etc)? Also do you eat meat, chicken and/or fish? Your pain in the LUQ signals either stomach. spleen, or pancreas problems. If the pain does not go away, I would recommend you get your amylase and lipase rechecked in a month to keep an eye on your pancreas. I would also recommend taking a break from exercising for a week to see if that has any effect.