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Sometimes when I bend over or try to do my sit ups, I will

Customer Question

Sometimes when I bend over or try to do my sit ups, I will get a charlie horse like cramp On the right side of my upper adomen just under my breast. When I sit up straight and relax I can feel the cramp disipate after awhile and it feels like something is moving back into a hole? I have had xrays, and cat scan but nothing showed up. One of the doctors said it is possibly a fat roll connected to a muscle and just cramps. I don't agree with that and am concern because this started around a year ago but am not sure what test, procedure to have the doctors perform to see what it is. Should I have it investigated more or ignore it?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  drknowsbest replied 6 years ago.
drknowsbest :

something in that area that would not show on xray or ct well would be gallbladder problems-if you have a gallbladder still (have not had it removed) have you had an ultrasound?

drknowsbest :

another better test for gallbladder function is a hida scan-this pain would be located there and come and go-a final option would be to make sure you do not have a hiatal hernia (can slide in and out of the diaphragm with position) this would be only seen with an EGD (scope down the esophagus)-i would see a gastroenterologist and discuss these possibilities to be sure

drknowsbest :

-i have not heard of the diagnosis you got and i would have what i suggested ruled out before resting on that conclusion

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Expert:  drknowsbest replied 6 years ago.

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
My gallbladder wasn't mentioned from any of the 2 doctors I saw! I do have a hiatal hernia but the gastroenterologist said it wasn't that, [he is the one who suggested the fat cramp]. I didn't go back to him after that statement because I have no trust in him. I will have my primary do a gall bladder functioning test, thanks so much!
Expert:  drknowsbest replied 6 years ago.
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