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Why do i get sick after unprotected sex with my boyfriend?

Customer Question

Why do i get sick after unprotected sex with my boyfriend?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  911Doctor replied 6 years ago.
911Doctor : Hello and welcome to JustAnswer,
911Doctor : What do you mean when you say you get sick?
911Doctor : What are your symptoms?
911Doctor : An are you talking about intercourse (penis in vagina) or some other form of sexual activity.

It feel like i am going to throw up. I am talking about intercourse.

911Doctor : Happens every time?

and its usually after unprotected sex

911Doctor : Do you have any feelings of guilt about the sex?

no its good

911Doctor : Have you had sex with others without this problem?


911Doctor : Then this is very strange indeed and there is one thing that comes to mind... An allergy to his semen... It is rare, but if you have these symptoms with unprotected sex and NOT when using a co do
911Doctor : Condom then this is possible...
911Doctor : Here is a link fir you...
911Doctor :

ok thanks.

911Doctor : I think the solution, if you want to know for sure, would come either from your GYN doc or from an Allergist...
911Doctor : Standing by...
911Doctor : Do you have any more questions?

Ok i will check with my GYN doc. No thats it thanks for the help.

911Doctor : You are welcome. Thanks fir the question and best of luck to you.
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