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Valarie, Nurse (RN)
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Below is my original string from the weekend (please read,

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below is my original string from the weekend (please read, top to bottom), I have an update. Did a VERY light jog last evening with my kids. Upper left abdominal discomfort after. This morning, soft bowel movement. Then just had another, snake like, however it had a long streak of bright red blood on the side (the first time I have EVER had blood in my stool), and a streak floating in the water, maybe with mucus on it? Then when I wiped, there was blood on the toilet paper. Along with a lot of stinging at the rectum. Is this a hemorrhoid??? I am scared of colon cancer. 34yr old white male taking toporol, lisinopril and zantac as needed. noticed change in stool about a year ago after a bout of (unconfirmed) food poisoning and treated with antibiotics. Stool is sometimes normal, sometimes flat (not thin) with grooves in stool, sometimes loose, sometimes water. Doctor confirmed a year ago or so no blood in feces, however do experience on occasion bright red blood on toilet paper in small amounts. This coincides with a stinging sensation at the anus, so I'm relatively sure hemmroids is the cause of the bleeding. In the past month or so have been experiencing a heaviness in the left abdominal cavity. I do not have anemia (confirmed by a blood test 2 weeks ago) and fatigue seems to be normal (work full time and have 3 kids) ages 5 and under). I have a colonoscopy coming up this Wednesday but am concerned for colon cancer. I am mainly concerned with the stools having grooves in them and sometimes coming out flat (ribbon like). Is there any advice or somewhat of a diagnosis to help ease my mind? Optional Information: Gender: Male Age: 34 Already Tried: alter diet (occasionally), increase physical activity, loosing weight (purposely) Expert You have received an Answer! From mysticdocSaturday, June 18, 2011 1:42 PM EST The views expressed by me are for educational purposes only and do not establish a doctor patient relationship. Hello Thanks for your question. The risk of colon cancer at your age is very low if you do not have any strong family history of early onset colon cancer. The possibility of diverticular disease and inflammatory bowel disease are more likely based on your description. Diverticular disease and inflammatory bowel disease can cause change in stool caliber, consistency and even blood in the stool. Infections from parasite, bacteria, or viruses also can cause intermittent stool changes. Food intolerance, celiac disease are other possibilities. Hence, you should not worry about cancer, as you see the commonest causes being benign and treatable after the diagnosis is made. Best wishes, -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The views expressed by me are for educational purposes only and do not substitute for a visit to your doctor or establish a doctor patient relationship. You repliedSaturday, June 18, 2011 1:50 PM EST I did forget to mention that about 9 years ago I had testicular cancer. It did not metastisize and only one testicle was removed (r). No treatment needed, just survey and I am almost 10 years cancer free. Also I have microlethiasis of the left testicle (calcium deposits). Also, about 2 months ago I had a vascectomy - urologist required an ultrasound of left testicle and it was clear (except for the microlethiasis). Would the heaviness in my left abdomen be related to the recent procedure? Also, 2 days ado started experiencing a slight pain (only when touched) just below left ribs. Would the testicular cancer lead to colon cancer? My last check up was 1.5 years ago and the oncologist told me to come back 1 more time and then he wold release me forever. Expert You have accepted an Answer! From mysticdocSaturday, June 18, 2011 1:54 PM EST No testicular cancer does not have any relation with colon cancer. It does not even spread to colon also. The left abdominal heaviness likely related to diverticulosis or inflammatory bowel disease.

Hello. Thank you for coming to JustAnswer with your question, and welcome.

You are correct in that bright red blood and anal discomfort is most likely caused by hemorrhoids. However, having this confirmed would be the best thing. And since you are having a colonoscopy done soon, you should not worry about this.

As for your bowel symptoms, changes in stools and discomfort in the lower left abdomen. These symptoms can be related to an inflammatory bowel syndrome, or an irritable bowel syndrome. This is fairly common and can be caused by a number of things: stress, food allergies or intolerances, or even following an episode of a viral bowel infection or food poisoning (to name a few). Again, the colonoscopy you are going to have soon will shed more light on this. The chances of it being colon cancer are slim.

Because you are so worried about colon cancer, the best way to reduce your worry is to educate yourself about it. So here is a link to some good information to start with:

Colon Cancer

Be sure to check the page "risk factors". There are things you can do to reduce your risks of developing colon cancer, as well as other cancers, and other health conditions as you age.

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