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Julia Kizhner
Julia Kizhner, Physician Assistant
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Julia only............the nurse came yesterday she brought

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Julia only............the nurse came yesterday she brought some Zinc lotion to use on my aunt. The redness looks like it's almost gone. She also put that on my aunts blister. I didn't want her too, cause I knew it had not finished draining. Last night I cleaned it off, & put WBG. This morning when I took off the bandage, the blister top skin stuck to it, and when I lifted it, it bleed. Now there is a crater there, I cleaned it with Saline, & I put on the WBG. I then put the skin flap which is black back over it, & put some WBG on it. Is this normal for the blood blister to look like this? The nurse told me not to put the Zinc on the wound healing from the stitches, which I wasn't any way, but she thought the blister was just dead skin there, and I knew it wasn't even my uncle told her it was just dried blood. Well I was right when the skin pulled loose & it bleed & left that crater. It's funny the wound is healing so good where the stitches were, and this bloody blister looks worse! Should the black dead skin be left on top of the crater it left when it bleed?

Hi Beth,

I cannot believe this blister is causing more problems than the actual wound.

From what it sounds, you pulled off a scab on the blister and by pulling off the scab (which probably was dead skin mixed with blood), some of the skin tissue came out leaving a crater. The flap is black because it has some dried up blood. I honestly don't think you need to put the flap back on. The blisters/crater will form a new scab and new flap. If anything, I would leave it to air dry (unless you notice that your aunt is scratching it). I would put an antibiotic ointment on it first followed by WBG. If you need to keep it covered, I would put antibiotic ointment first, then WBG, then A&D ointment (but more on the periphery of the blister and then cover it with a gauze. A&D ointment does not allow the gauze to stick to skin so you shouldn't run into problems of having the flap come off.

I hope I understood your question. I am leaving work now and won't be by the computer until later on today. If you want to take a picture and show it to me, I will be happy to look at it.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Well I know if I leave it uncovered she will hit it she moves her feet around a lot. The skin on top of the blister was the skin from the start it bleed from underneath, then stopped. Today the top came off & it bleed a lot, left the crater. I knew it was not done, & the nurse thought it was just skin there healing. I knew there was more underneath. It is giving me issues more than the big stitch wound it looks good. The flap is still attached should I try to remove it? I took one picture before I wrapped it back up, I will see if it's good to post here, if not I can add one at bed-time when I change it. The crater looks black inside that is what worries me.

If the flap is still attached, then don't remove it. I thought that flap came off and you just put back on. Sorry. No, since its still there, just let it be. Not sure if you posted a picture but I didn't get any.

Since the healing was not done, when the top came off it pulled the new tissue that was being made and now there is a crater.

I will wait to see a picture if you can take one.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I hope you can see that, it's hard to get down close, it just comes up black, so you can't see it clearly, but it is black down inside. When I clean it, it's blood, so I hope that it's just still blood making it black. I left the flap. I have it covered.

Good morning Beth,

Yes, I can see it.

Well, as ugly as it looks, it actually is ok looking from a medical perspective. There is no evidence of infection. Black area is all dried up blood. What will happen is the skin will be healing from underneath and replacing the dried up blood.

I would still put a little bit of triple antibiotic on it, followed by WBG and on the periphery, I would put A&D ointment so that gauze doesn't stick to it after being wrapped. Try to keep it open as much as possible, at least when you are around so it can air dry.

Be aware that this will take a while to heal so as long as it is not infected and as long the scab is not being removed, you don't need to worry.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Good Morning Julia, this is how it looks this morning. I can't believe a blister causes this much problem more than 15 stitches, go figure. I Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

I can see the little flap you were talking about. Keep it attached. The blister itself looks ok but the area around it looks a bit red and dry?? Maybe its just on the photo? Try to use some A&D ointment or Vaseline if that's the case. As the skin heals inside, it will probably push out the dried up blood.

I hope you have a great weekend as well.

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