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Julia Kizhner
Julia Kizhner, Physician Assistant
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Julia Only...........I swear I can't go a day without

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Julia Only...........I swear I can't go a day without something coming up. They changed my aunts under wear pull-ups to a smaller size, and now she has really raw skin under her stomach. Intertrigo I think it's called. She has never had this, and because I haven't been able to get her in the shower, cause of her foot I haven't been able to really look her over. She has been sweating obviously because of these new diapers. I usually dry her with the hair dryer on low setting under her stomach, to keep her dry, but I haven't showered her only wiped her off in the smelling areas since this happen, with her foot. She has a roll there, but the thing is she has an implant in her stomach that sticks out way over her stomach, they put in for pain that didn't work. It makes for a huge gap so under it is hard to clean. I am really worried we just changed these diapers now this happen the skin on one side seem to be oozing yellow a little. I cleaned it really well dried it, and put cornstarch all the way around it. She is so bent over all the time she is just so hard to tend to & she drools profusely. This has never happen until we change depends for the smaller size. What can I do, could she have an infection? The skin is really red raw where the top of her diaper would rest under there. The reason there is a roll is because of the implant that makes it hard to see & get under-neath. I just put more cornstarch on it, I have her depends way down her nightshirt up letting air get to it. If it's not one thing to drive me crazy it's another to worry be to death!
The Hospice nurse is coming to look at it tomorrow, the corn starch has cooled down the redness, it's still red, but not as deep. It wasn't bleeding, but I did notice some yellow oozing on the corner. Should I wash it again, & apply new corn starch or leave it go, as the corn starch will build up, it is already crusting? She told me to keep the corn starch on it, but I didn't know if I should wash it in between applications?

Hi Beth,

I am glad I am here to help you :)

Intertigo is common when skin folds rub against each other. It sounds that you diagnosed your aunt correctly (I think you know more medical stuff then some of the people I work with). I have never used or heard anyone use cornstarch for intertigo. What I would recommend is washing and drying as you already have, applying Hydrocortisone cream 1% (available over-the-counter) and putting some baby powder on.

Sometimes yeast can grow in the areas of intertigo but usually when yeast is present you see all these small red dots around the redness, they are like little satellites all over the place. It doesn't sound that your aunt has an infection. The oozing is probably just due to really bad skin irritation.

Again, what you did is right (except for the corn starch, I cannot say anything about that). Keep the area open, apply small amount of Hydrocortisone cream and put baby powder over it (if you have it, if you don't, not a big deal). That's all you can do. Of course, she will need new Depends so that this doesn't get worse or continue to happen.

But Hydrocortisone usually takes care of Intertigo within a couple of days. I doubt that your aunt will develop a yeast infection there.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Well lol my grandmother years ago said to use that on skin when it gets raw like the groin area. When I saw that on my aunt I immediately got the corn starch. I read online also that plain cornstarch can be used. When my uncle talk to the nurse she also said use corn starch. I will put the cream on before I put her to bed. These depends are much more snug to her body. I am going back to the medium size the only reason I went smaller was, because the small/med would leak from time to time. I don't like anything really tight on myself, so I can't stand to see it tight on her either. I didn't see any small red dots, only the red raw skin I got so upset. I have her laying there with her top up and underwear down as far as I can, just so the air can get to it.Funny you said that about me knowing more then some people about the medical stuff. That wound specialist I talk to, said I knew more than most of his students, I should go into the medical field. I have had that happen a few times with Drs. they would say I was exactly right about things with my aunt, I was like wow that is something for Drs. to tell me that. I can't stand the sight of blood or broken bones, so it was never something I thought about doing.

You are doing correct by letting it air dry. If you have to put depends on tonight and don't have the medium size, you can put some vasoline on the raw area, cover it with 4x4 or 2x2 gauze and put the depends over it. You can use Hydrocortisone 2 or 3 times per day.

I don't know anything about corn start properties but this is good to know. I will keep it in mind for the future.

It doesn't sound like your aunt developed infection so dont' worry :)

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