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I want to lose about 30 Lbs. I have know problem exercising.

Resolved Question:

I want to lose about 30 Lbs. I have know problem exercising. My plan is to lift weights for 30 min in the morning and then cardio 30 min in the evening. I've done some research and determined if I eat about 1800 calories per day that I should lose weight. I don't have time to make myself meals so I was planning on eating frozen dinners from Healthy Choice, Lean Cuisine.....ect and counting calories. I calculated my BMR and determined that I should lose weight only eating 1800 calories even without exercising. This is my info: 200 Lbs, 5'10", male, 33yrs old. Other than working out I primarly sit in front of my computer all day long. Will I lose weight doing my plan?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Valarie replied 6 years ago.

Hello. Thank you for coming to JustAnswer with your question, and welcome.

You should be able to lose weight on your plan. Your current needs to maintain weight is approximately 2600 calories per day (with the exercise plan you have described). So, an 1800 calorie diet should allow you to lose about 1.5 lbs per week or about 6 to 6.5 lbs per month. This may not be a rapid weight loss, but gradual weight loss is better for your health, and for your future success in maintaining your new weight when you reach your goal.

The problem may be in the foods you plan to eat. Frozen meals can be just as nutritious as self-prepared fresh foods, however you will need to check labels very carefully. A healthy diet that encourages weight loss and later maintenance needs certain components other than simply a calorie count. You need a balance of all the food groups to allow your body to function optimally, and give you the results you want.

In the labeling of your meals, you will want to determine not only the amount of each food, but any added fats, sugars and salt. All of which can sabotage your efforts.

Still, I think it can be done this way if you choose wisely.

To help you, here is a link to determine your caloric needs: Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight Pyramid Tool

Just fill in the information and it will give you a meal plan. I filled out the information you have provided, and it gives you 1400 calories for weight loss. However, the extra 400 calories you could use as "discretionary" calories as long as it is not extra sugars or saturated fats. Basically the food groups would be the same, just add in an extra protein, an extra carbohydrate and more fruits and vegetables. You can print out a 4 page document that has a list of foods in each group. Balance in your diet is important, so it would be good to familiarize yourself with these food groups, or take the list with you when shopping.

Also, here is another link that will help if you need to know calories and other nutritional information of any particular food: It is free to use, and lists almost anything you can think of (including brand names), with the additional ability to change the amount listed to give you the information you need (calories, sugars, types of fats, protein, carbs, etc)

I would suggest a simple food "diary" to keep daily on a small piece of paper (or however would be convenient for you to have with you all day). List the amounts of each food group at the beginning of the day and tick off what you have eaten (as you eat) throughout the day. It will help you keep on track.

Also, it will help if you keep fresh fruits and vegetables on hand to snack on when you get hungry between meals. This particular diet encourages intake of fruits and vegetables, so extra is better. Just check the list for the fruits and vegetables that are best. (some "vegetables" are counted as carbohydrates).

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