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Julia only......... Julia, the nurse came yesterday, and she

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Julia only.........Hi Julia, the nurse came yesterday, and she took blood, my aunt looks like a pin cushion. She is a hard stick. Anyway after a few attempts she got it, & she put it in a bag of ice, for fear of it clotting, before getting it to the lab. She called today, and said the lab called her, and said the blood was clotted by the time she got it there, so it was no good. It couldn't have been more than 20 mins from our house to the lab. What could have caused this with her putting it on ice? Does that mean something is wrong with my aunt it clotting so quickly?

Good morning Beth,

This doesn't mean that there is anything wrong with your aunt's blood at all.

This happens quite often when it comes to home care nurses drawing blood. It can be anything from her technique of drawing blood (shaking too much, being on ice too long, difficulty of the blood coming out of the vein due to small veins), to waiting too long to take it to the lab (if she wasn't going directly there), to the lab waiting too long to process it.

Unfortunately she will need to come back to draw the blood again. Make sure she is using butterfly needle (smaller needle).


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Good Morning almost afternoon Julia :) She did use the smallest needle she had. She was insistant in hurrying to get to the lab, but since she put it on ice I don't know if she went straight to the lab or not, no way to know. The other nurse never had trouble getting it to the lab it was okay, she did have trouble getting it since my aunt's veins collapse once they go in. I told the nurse we would wait a couple weeks, my aunts arms are all black & blue from so many sticks, I don't want her to have any more attempts right now, she said the Dr. said it was up to me, so I said we will wait. My aunt is a trooper she never cries she is good, which that is a blessing!

I don't think she is going to remove the stitches until next monday that would be the 14th day. Also the seeping has stopped all, but a tiny speck. There is also a blood blister where that round bruise is, how long do you think it would take for it to go away? I am keeping it covered & using a little of that WBG. It's the size of a quarter.

Ok, so about the blood - if the only purpose of drawing blood was to check for anemia, I would say that it is not necessary to repeat. Like I mentioned before, I really don't think she lost that much blood to make a significant impact on her blood counts. And since she is in hospice, I do not believe they even do transfusions - but believe me, she doesn't need it.

Blood blisters can take several weeks do resolve, the larger it is, the longer it can take. I think keeping it covered is a good idea because they bleed really bad if broken but I don't think you need to put anything on it as, really, nothing will help it go away faster. It needs to dry up on its own. I am glad to hear the seeping has stopped.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Well the Hospice nurse said if she would need a transfusion it is up to her Dr. She said that she has another patient that gets transfusions quite a bit. One nurse thought she look pale & the other said she didn't think so. My aunt has a dark tone to her, so I don't think she looks pale at all. Now me yeah, I am always white as a ghost, I am fair skinned. My aunt hasn't been short of breath either so that is good. I know I was when my red blood count was low, I felt like I couldn't get enough air, that is scary!

Its hard to tell if someone is anemic based on the skin color alone especially if people have some color to their skin (like your aunt). One really has to be anemic (like Hemoglobin of below 9 or 10) before it even shows up on their skin.

Usually with hospice care people are simply made comfortable, nothing aggressive is done. I think transfusion can be an aggressive treatment. But, believe me, your aunt is in no need for such. What seems like a lot of blood loss is really not that much in comparison to how much blood we have. After I had my baby (or I should say during the delivery) I thought I can lost so much blood that I will need a transfusion. I asked the OB who delivered the baby about it (in the delivery room) and she shrugged her shoulders and told me it was nothing. Thankfully, our bodies has an ability to compensate.

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