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Julia Kizhner
Julia Kizhner, Physician Assistant
Category: Health
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Experience:  7 years experience working in Primary Care as well as Gastroenterology, Sleep Medicine & Weight Loss
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Julia Only....... Julia, my aunts wound is still seeping a

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Julia Only.......Hi Julia, my aunts wound is still seeping a little blood is that normal 4 days after? On her UTI urinalysis it has Calcium Oxalate Crystals (many) could that mean she could get kidney stones? I really hope not as I get those! Her wbc was 3.7 Neurophil 46 Lymphocytes 44H Postassium 3.5 Creatinine .36 Prot Total 6.0 Albumin 2.9 Calcum 8.4 AST/SGOT 10 ALT/SGPT <5 Are any of those troublesome?

Hi Beth,

Let me get back to you in about an hour with more details (I am still in clinic seeing patients) but just a quick overview of her labs looks not troublesome.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I have another thing I forgot on there. I notice her right knee is bigger than her left, I know it's probably from going down on her knees that night. There is no redness how long might it take to go down? She does have ostoarthritis (?) I am not sure of the spelling.

Ok, sorry, I had to see a patient and didn't want you waiting without an answer.

Sippage of the blood is normal 4 days after the stitches have been applied. She has a lot of swelling in that leg and some of the fluid is leaking through an open area in the skin. Because her skin is so frail, it is also easier for the blood and other fluids to sip out. As long as the wound is not sipping yellow pus or is not becoming red and warm, there is no concern.

Her knee is swollen because she fell on it. Even if she didn't have osteoarthritis, her knee would still get swollen. The swelling is expected. If you can, apply ice to the knee. Ice takes down the swelling. Otherwise, swelling will go away on its own in a couple of weeks. With ice, it might be quicker.

Oxalate crystals in urine are common and their presence does not mean she will get kidney stones. The rest of her blood test results are normal or slight off but do not present any significance (for example, lymphocytes 44). I wish everyone had such great blood test results. And see, she is not even anemic :)

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Well those blood tests were from a few months ago, I just called & got the reports to see for myself :) The nurse is coming Monday to do new blood work, I sure hope they are as good as the last ones! I keep my aunts bed elevated for her foot & knee. I called wound be gone & they said that I can use it on stitches it makes it heal faster. I put a line of it on, so I hope that does make it quit bleeding for good it's suppose to. Leaving it uncovered is difficult she tends to be restless cause her legs hurt & she thrashes about with her feet. I have a loose bandage on it so the air can still get to it. I wish my blood work was as good as her lol. her wbc was low 3.7 & mine was 11.7.

I have a question about myself, I can ask it here, & if you want me to close this & get a new question box I will. For awhile now & today a lot. I will say the wrong word when I am talking or thinking to myself. Like I will say to my uncle the towels are in the dryer & the sheets are in the washing machine when actually they are opposite towels in wash sheets in dryer. When I am thinking the right way it comes out backwards. Or I will say something like burn out the candle instead of blow, like a few minutes ago I was typing to someone on twitter, instead of wheel of fortune I typed wheel of future..........those are for instances. This is kinda scaring me since it's a lot today.. Now online people say stroke, peri menopause, dementia........etc. Now I know I don't sleep normally I am up & down a lot, but I am at the age of starting to go through peri menopause. What do you think?

Yes, I understand that leaving the wound open is a bit complicated with your aunt. I think you are doing very well in taking care of it. I am sure wound-be-gone will not hurt anything, and hopefully, will even help. Sippage of small amount of blood or bloody mucus is normal with such as large wound, so be patient, it will heal well. They did a good job on stitching it.

I wish a lot of my patients had as nice of blood work as your aunts' :)

In terms of your do not have ANY of the things you mentioned - no stroke, no dementia, no peri-menopause. None of the them. This just happens because it happens. Its a mild form of dyslexia. I do the same thing when I try to name the day of the week. In 90% of the cases, when I say a certain day of the week, I mean another one. I name the day of the week that I mean usually from the second try. It means absolutely nothing. I think it gets worse (at least with me) when I am overly tired but even in my normal state of being, I do this :)

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I have done it in the past, but nothing like today it's been happening a lot. When I was coming on to see if you answered me, I was thinking Claudia instead of Julia. I was talking earlier about Red Lobster & called it Long John Silvers a restaurant, but not even sounding like Red Lobster. I noticed also when I am reading I miss words or say something different that is not even the word or words in the sentence & this all is happening today. My period is almost going to start, and I am tired today, but I am always tired so I don't know why this day is any different. I just never did this before with words like so much! My brain is like in a fog or something I don't even know if fog is right. I also am tying awful, I was always a good typist, and now it's like my brain is asleep.

Hi again :)

To me this screams fatigue, lack of sleep and stress. I am sure it is not dementia and stroke. Yes, stroke can present with inability to say the right word but it is really different than what you are describing. Its more like you know what you want to say but just cannot say it. If your periods are still regular, you are not going through peri-menopause. Usually it starts with irregularity of periods - you will have them infrequently or they will only last for a day or two. If you still have them regularly, then you are not peri-menopausal. Of course, to know for sure, you will need a blood test to look at your hormone levels but I don't think you need to get it just for the symptoms you described above.

I wish you could take a day off, sleep, rest and then see how you feel. But I can reassure you that you do not have dementia or stroke. Just lack of sleep and stress.

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