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I have had a productive cough with runny nose, chest

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I have had a productive cough with runny nose, chest congestion for over 2 months now! I have not had a fever, but have had some body aches, and I have gotten sore muscles around the rib cage on both sides and I think I strained a muscle on the LUQ and am very sore!! I am a 53 yo female, what is going on??
Do you have green phlegm?
Have you seen any doctor?
Any antibiotics taken so far?
Any problem in breathing?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
The phlegm has been yellow, I don't have insurance, so cannot see a doctor, no antibiotics taken and when I walk like a couple of blocks I have more SOB than usual
Having such chronic symptoms from last 2 months, should not be ignored and have to be evaluated by doctor at the earliest.
These symptoms can be due to-
1. Respiratory tract infection - It includes Pneumonia , other infection of the upper respiratory tract
2. Long-standing inflammation of your bronchial tubes, this is called as Chronic bronchitis .
3. Bronchiectasis - This condition results in abnormal widening of your bronchial tubes affects their ability to clear mucus from your lungs.
You need to undergo- few tests-Chest X-ray , Blood tests. Based upon the chest x-ray and tests antibiotics will be selected.
You needs broncho dilator medications and cortico steroids to reduce inflammation.Nebuliser & inhaled medications are more effective as they act directly on the airway surface and airway muscles.Short-acting inhaled beta-agonists are the preferred quick-relief medicine..This can be decided only after physical examination .
It is high time, and should not delay to get it checked from doctor.
Please get it evaluated from doctor,and get appropriate management.
Kind regards
Dr Robert.
:)Please feel free for any follow up query.
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