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Julia, my aunt cut her foot had to have 15 stitches..blood

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Julia only...Hi Julia, my aunt cut her foot had to have 15 stitches, the nurse came today removed the bandages, she said it was healing nicely. I noticed just now in a couple places it is still seeping a little blood. Is that normal? You can read what happen in another question I posted on Monday.  She lost a lot of blood I asked the ER to do blood work which they didn't.  The nurse is coming back tomorrow to take it.  I just hope she isn't low in blood & needs a transfusion.  The Hospice nurse said that sometimes don't give them based on where she is at with her disease.

Hi Beth,


Good to hear from you.


I tried looking up your post from Monday and couldn't find it. What happened (if you have time to tell me)?


Can you tell me when she cut herself? Can you take a picture and show me the wound?


I highly doubt that your aunt lost enough blood to require a transfusion, usually that happens with internal bleeding (such as car accident or gun shot wound). Even if your aunt became somewhat anemic after blood loss, she will be ok. Anemia can cause fatigue so it is more noticable in younger people but because your aunt is mostly bed-confined, it really won't make a dramatic difference for her. She can take some of those iron tablets you are taking if she is anemic.



Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Hi Julia,

I was pushing her in the rollator walker I have for her, she put her toes in the little foot rest & lunged forward, the walker went backwards & she went forward she went down to her knees cause the weight was so strong. My uncle saw it he came running, & when he got her up her sock was filled with blood, I started to shake the gash was huge, I was scared it hit an artery, she also knocked the side of the wall. They never did a ct scan or took blood. I have been upset, I feel so bad. The nurse said I can see you take wonderful care of her, and accidents happen, don't beat yourself up! But I do, I can't help it, I hate when she gets a tiny scratch I try to be so careful with her. We joined hospice they sent one of those air pressure mattresses, and last night it rubbed her skin off on her rib. I am upset about that now, she has never had a bed sore. The nurse said it could have been cause she lost blood or just her skin is starting to break down. I know it's the fault of the new pressure mattress. We put it on 1 now, but it's still seems so lumpy. I mention to the nurse about iron pills, and she said I couldn't crush them, if she doesn't swallow good, and I would have to worry about constipation. If she is anemic and it's low I will try & give them to her. She said it would be up to her Dr. since she is in comfort care with Hospice. I am having issues getting a pic attatched, it went through, but I don't see it.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Hi Beth,


Somehow I didn't get your reply until this morning.


Wow, that is a big cut. I am so sorry it happened, but the nurse is right, it is NOT your fault. Accidents happen to young and old and we just pick up the pieces and go on. Your aunt will be just fine.
Her wound looks normal. It does not look infected. The slight seepage of blood or even clear fluid is normal. That happens as the tissue swell. The hematoma is also normal. That happens due to gravity - blood just pulls down the leg. She should have her leg elevated and if its been more then a week, you can now apply warm compresses to try and dissolve that blood. It will start turning different colors - from red/purple to green/yellow before it finally goes away.

I doubt that your aunt lost enough blood to make her anemic, let alone require a transfusion. I don't think you need to be concerned about it. The body rebuilds its own blood supply over a period of about 3 months. Since your aunt is not active around the house, even if she is anemic now, it will not have any affect on her health.


I think you can apply that "wound-be-gone" for the bed sore your aunt got. You can also ask for a prescription for Zinc cream which promotes skin healing (although it may be available over-the-counter).



Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Good Morning Julia,

Yes it is a big cut, the ER Dr. said that it stretched the skin when she fell forward, because her feet were pointed down inside the little foot rest. I don't even see how it is possible to get that big of cut, but he said it's because her skin is so thin it stretched. I would have never thought it could happen, but now i know it can. It was just a bad skin tear it went from thick to thin he said, but he was able to get it stitched. My aunt never cried a bit, I was the whole time, but she is a tough old bird! lol Through the night I did put a banage on it, and it did seep some more blood. 3 of her nurses will be here today, so she is in good hands. It looks like it's still healing good, as far as I can tell no swelling or pus. The nurse told me not to use wound be gone til after the stitches were out, but I figured the wound be gone would aid in healing it faster.

They are also coming today to check that pressure mattress pad, she never had any bedsores, before & this thing rubbed a spot raw just over night, and that has never happen, so I don't know why it would be better for people.

I've never used a pressure mattress pad with anyone so I just don't know what the benefit of it would be.


I should have clarified - I meant to say that you can put wound-be-gone on the bed sore wound, not on the laceration. You don't need to put anything on the laceration. It looks like its healing really nice. They did a good job with stitching.

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