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Robert Fernando
Robert Fernando, Doctor
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legs..much different than the tingling one feels when the leg falls

Customer Question

I am 61 and have relatively new symptoms of tingling in my legs when I stand after waking or after sitting for a while. It is much different than the tingling one feels when the leg "falls asleep". It is more like a couple dozen fleas jumping on my legs. Also notice same symptoms on occasion down the inside of my legs when sitting.
Also, legs become very heavy if I do something like work in the garden for 1/2 to 1 hour, especially if it is over 65 degrees. I can't seem to handle the heat very well any more.
The reason I am concerned, perhaps overly so, is that my mother had PAD 11 years ago and had to have her arteries replaced.
I quit smoking in 1999, BMI of 36, have controlled hypertension, and am close to developing diabetes, with intermittent mildly high glucose readings.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Robert Fernando replied 6 years ago.
Since how long you have such symptoms?
Are you taking any medications?
Pain in legs?
Any tests done so far?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Since how long you have such symptoms?
A couple of months
Are you taking any medications?
My, yes: Humira for psoriasis, Cardizem LA for PWP & LBBB, 2000 IU Vit D3,Sertraline for depression, Simvastatin for cholesterol.
Pain in legs?
Any tests done so far?
No. Will depend on what you think.
Expert:  Robert Fernando replied 6 years ago.
Well, i understand your symptoms, and worry associated with such condition.
It should not be ignored and have to be evaluated by doctor.
The causes for such symptoms is-Peripheral Neuropathy .There are various causes for it. You need to be evaluated. Common causes are Diabetes, deficiency of vitamin B, thyroid disorder, etc.
Also decreased blood supply of that leg because of formation of plaque from atherosclerosis has to be checked.
You need clinical examination and evaluation , and tests which are - Vitamin B12, urine analysis, Thyroid test, EMG(electromyography) .
Please consult your doctor. You will managed according to your cause.

Kind regards
Dr Robert.
:)Please feel free for any follow up query.
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