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I have had a very painful nose for about 4 weeks. It started

Resolved Question:

I have had a very painful nose for about 4 weeks. It started in one nostril and soon both were red and extremely painful (pain is similar to an "underground" nose pimple, but I do not feel or see anything. The pain is most intense under the left nostril and it is swollen. I have tried hydrogen peroxide on a swab, triple- antibiotic creams and have had some relief but the pain keeps returning. Is it time to see a Dr or just continue to self-treat with the ointments and hot compresses?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. Brims replied 6 years ago.
Dr B :

Hello, welcome to Justanswer, I will try to assist you with your medical question, and any medical information you seek

Dr B :

Are both nostrils swollen?

Customer: Yes, though it seems to fluctuate in severity daily.
Customer: Also, a few days ago my inner nose was very painful one one side (felt like near the septum) but that has since gone away after peroxide swabs and antibiotic ointment.
Customer: This infection started after I fell in the hit tub and got what felt like a lot of water up my nose. It stung badly. I am wonderingbif some bactera from the hot tub might have taken up residence in my nasal sinuses and are notnbeing
Customer: I can't type well on this iPad, sorry...I was asking if this might be a more serious underlying bacterial infection from the hot tub.
Dr B :

I think you may have an infection but there are always bacteria in your nose

Dr B :

i think it would be best to see your doctor, because it may require antibiotics

Dr B :

I don't think you should use warm compresses

Customer: Ok, thanks. 4 weeks is too long and it really hurts so I will try to see the doc tomorrow.
Dr B :

You're welcome
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