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suddenly developed what seems to be an urinary infection

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I am at home and it is in the middle of the night and I have suddenly developed what seems to be an urinary infection. I have to keep going in to the toilet and sitting and the uncomfortable wave of slightly acid pain comes down there and releases a miniscule drop of water. Is there something in the home I can take that will help relieve the syptoms. I have taken a paracetamol. I look forward to receiving your answer. I have been to the dentists today and was given to large injections as I washaving two crowns done. I am wondering if this is an allergic reaction.
Dear customer,

do you have burning urination?
any difficulty in urination?
any associated fever, vomitting or back pain?
did you have the urine examination done?
what injections were given?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
It is not exactly burning which I know how that feels when I have had cystisis way back. It feels more uncomfortable with a pressure on my bladder that I need to sit down and try to go. Then the reaction is a mild sensation of cystisis or would be cystisis if it got worst.
At the moment my bladder is empty because I am releasing a little often with this sensation.
No fever vomiting or back pain
Why would I have a urine examination done as this has only just come on in the last 2 hours.
I was given injections into the gums to numb them against pain from drilling.
Many thanks
dear customer,

The allergy reaction causes the symptoms of tachycardia, palpatation, rash, difficulty in breathing etc.The chances of allergy are less if you are not having these symptoms.

The urine retention and drooling may be due to various causes like spinal cord injury, injury, prostatic valve urethra, BPH, cystitis, henriated disc etc.

The injury in any body part may also cause such transient urinary retention and such symptoms.

You may take the pain killers like motrin, advil to control the pain.The antispasmodic drugs like uritin may also be helpful in symptoms.

Here is the link for more information

causes of transient urinary retention

Let me know if you have any doubt.

Thank you
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