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My wife had a baby girl 2 weeks ago. During the birth

Resolved Question:

My wife had a baby girl 2 weeks ago. During the birth process, she had a tear and 3 stiches were necessary. 3 days after the birth she returned home. Victoria's mother came from China to help her with the late stages of her pregnancy and thereafter with care of the baby and together they are applying the long held Chinese custom that after birth, the mother should rest for 30 days and should bath or shower and not go out into public spaces. For the past week or so she has had a fever attended by profuse sweating. I have insisted that Victoria see a doctor because I have assumed that she might have become infected as a result of the childbirth and indeed might also be putting the baby at risk.. She has reluctantly agreed to see her doctor and has an appointment on Monday next. Her mother speaks only Mandarin dialect, so she feels that she needs to have a doctor who can communicate the nature of her symptoms and the level of seriousness associated with them. It is my strong view that she should see a doctor with urgency and attend the emergency unit at the Monash Medical Centre where the baby was born. I need some medical advice to overcome the outdated customs that seem to be holding back my wife receiving the treatment she needs. Thank you in anticipation. Kevin xxx
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Family Physician replied 6 years ago.
I would agree with you that a fever and profuse sweating are symptoms that should be urgently evaluated by a physician.

The custom of women not going out for 30 days after having a baby may have been accepted in the distant past where most care of pregnant women was provided by a midwife who might visit the woman in the home and where both infant and maternal mortality were more common and "accepted", this practice has no place in the modern world.

I would urge you to insist (as best any man can get their wife to do something they don't want to do) that she be seen by a physician in the emergency department.

If she absolutely will not go, I would suggest calling the doctor(s) who delivered her baby - they may be able to convince her to be checked.
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