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I am coughing up white mucus. What does this mean?

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What does it mean when I cough up white/clear mucus? More on the clear side. I've been coughing it up for about 2 weeks. My cough isn't terribly bad but I suppose it's possible that I have a cold. It just recently changed seasons from Winter to Spring where I live, if that helps.


Thanks for your question.

Do you have symptoms like nasal obstruction, nasal discharge, fluid trickling in throat, fever, throat clearing?


Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Only discharge in the morning and when I wake up in the middle of the night. I do have fluid trickling in my throat and I do have to clear my throat often as well. I also tend to lose my voice fairly quickly only after about 8 hours into my day. I'm not having any issues like sinus pain or headaches or anything like that and no fever. Temperature is about 98ish degrees.

Thanks for your reply.

The condition which you are suffering in my opinion is Rhinosinusitis . It starts from cold. Its a viral infection and should go away in two weeks usually. The cough you get is because of fluid trickling in throat and that fluid comes from overproduction of mucus in the sinuses.

I suggest that you should following OTC drugs and hopefully these will help you a lot.

Xylometazoline nasal spray, 2 puffs thrice daily for seven days only.

Tab Telfast (fexofenadine) 120mg daily.

Steam inhalation with menthol twice daily.

All these are OTC so you can start with.

I hope this helps you. Please ask if you have any query.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Definitely helps and I appreciate the help very much. Is there anything that you can recommend as far as losing my voice? Does orange juice help as far as retaining my voice? The problem is that for my job I have to talk quite a bit and so when I start losing my voice it becomes difficult for people to understand me.

Thanks for your reply.

This voice problem can be a part of sinus issue affecting the vocal cords. Moreover there can be some sort of vocal nodule or polyp which can cause this. Voice rest is best but you should also see ENT doctor once so that he diagnoses its exact cause for you.

Speak normally when required. Do not whisper, do not shout, both are equally bad.

I hope this helps you. Please ask if you have any query.

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