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My lower right abdomen is swollen/bulging. It is soft and

Customer Question

My lower right abdomen is swollen/bulging. It is soft and about the width of a baseball, but elongated. There is no pain or discomfort of any kind, other than feeling a bit bloated lately. What gives?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  911Doctor replied 6 years ago.
911Doctor :

Hello and welcome to JustAnswer,

911Doctor :

That's an impossible one to anwer without hands on and eyes on you. could be a strange type of hernia, and if it is, it would need to be fixed with surgery. Abdominal problems can be so complex that it is safe to say that if you have a baseball sized swelling in your right lower abdomen that you need a doctor to press on it, examine it, and figure it out. If it is a Spigellian Hernia (hernia in lateral abdominal wall), these can be dangerous if not fixed. Other than that I can not imagine what would pop up so suddenly and cause, apparently, no symptoms.

911Doctor :

please let me know if you have any further questions.

Customer: I haven't gotten the answer! Did I click the wrong thing?
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Expert:  911Doctor replied 6 years ago.

I did answer your question.... can you see my response above yours?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Sorry, but I need to clarify. I was using the baseball analogy to describe the width of the swollen area and not the actual protrusion. I basically have a swollen area on my lower abdomen, centralized about two inches below and three inches to the right of my navel. The swelling would not be noticeable if I were overweight. Does your initial impression still apply?
Expert:  911Doctor replied 6 years ago.
it does... Doesn't sound dangerous, but definitely sounds like something is wrong... I still think this could be a hernia, but if you are not having pain, is doesn't hurt to touch, you are not vomiting, and everything else seems well you can wait till tomorrow to get it loomed at. The problem with hernias, assuming this IS one, is that they can go from "no big deal" to "you need an operation" in a matter of hours. So if you get Amy of the abive symptoms overnight to the ER you go. Otherwise, you need someone to look at you and examine you... We are just guessing otherwise.