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Julia Kizhner
Julia Kizhner, Physician Assistant
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Julia only..... Julia I need your opinion on something. When

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Julia only.....Hi Julia I need your opinion on something. When I posted under eye on here an opthamologist told me that as long as I wasn't having anymore flashes or floaters it would be okay for me to wait until my appt on the 17th. Well I was having some issues after my appt. so I posted again & the same opthamologist answered my question. I was having some eye watering in the same eye & it was unrelated to the PVD which he told me. He also told me that I shouldn't have went to an optometrist for an eye emergency, when he was the one that told me I could wait til my eye exam, so that confused me. He said there was no way that my eye dr. could have seen the PVD without dilation to get a clear picture of the retina........he said that I could still have an RD & it was dangerous for her to tell me that is all I had was a mild pvd without dilating my eyes. So I am  confused now.   I think now the only reason she didn't dilate my eyes was, she was closing & did me, because it was an emergency so she didn't want to take the time to dilate since they were staying overtime.  I don't know that for sure, but I found it odd she didn't dilate when in the past they did when I had a light flash at another optometrist.   I talk to another optometrist on another site here is what he said. sometimes we don't need to dilate. people have this idea that a dilation somehow gives you a "better" exam, but it doesn't. you only need to be dilated if you have tiny pupils and/or the doc thinks you have a PERIPHERAL retinal problem. sometimes PVD's are SUPER OBVIOUS. sometimes I can look in there & immediately see that its a PVD and not a retinal problem w/o a dilation. thats pretty common. you have to give your doc the benefit of the doubt. not only are they trained for for this, but they they do it literally all day every day. i can usually "smell" a PVD just based on the description from the patient & the pretesting.  So what is your opinion go with what the optometrist told me & this other one or go with the opthamologist. I always trust you when you give me advice.

Hi Beth,

Before writing back to you, I had to consult with a very good friend of mine who is a very experienced optometrist. I trust his opinion a lot and this is what he explained to me:

He said that dilating an eye is not necessary to diagnose a PVD. Just like the other optometrist said, PVDs can be quite obvious without a dilation. He did say, however, that without a dilation, the dr would not be able to rule out RD with 100% certainty. I explained to him your symptoms and he said that with RD there is usually a lot of floaters, a lot of lightening bolts and some kind of vision loss present. Based on the description that you have provided (and which I relayed to him), he said it is highly unlikely that you have RD.

So the optometrist on the site gave you correct information. If you haven't been having an increased amount of floaters, vision changes or more lightening episodes, it is highly unlikely that you have RD. Given that, I think it would be safe to wait until May 17th to see your ophthalmologist for further and more thorough exam.

I disagree with the ophthalmologist who said that you shouldn't have gone to optometrist. Optometrists are highly educated eye doctors and can diagnose a multitude of eye problems. It is basically same as saying "you shouldn't be asking a Physician Assistant (hence, me) questions, you should only ask MD". I know you would disagree with that statement, therefore, I think it was totally appropriate that you saw an optometrist.

Hope this helps you and calms you down. Keep your eye appointment for May 17th just for your piece of mind. Watering of the eyes is not a symptoms of RD. If you won't have other symptoms I talked about earlier, there is not reason to get checked sooner.

Have a great evening. I will not be on line until either very late tonight or sometime tomorrow.

Talk soon,

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Hi Julia, I don't have that appointment any longer, because the optometrist that I went to on Monday also did my eye exam for glasses. I may have a couple more floaters, but the flashers only happen once & awhile. I read online there is nothing they can do for a PVD, so it says you can go about your daily activities they aren't limited. So now do I see an opthamologist? I really appreciate you asking your optometrist friend that was very nice of you!

I think for your piece of mind you will need to see an ophthalmologist. Otherwise this will always be on the back of your mind and you will worry about it.

Personally, I do not think you have anything other than PVD that the optometrist told you about. There is no treatment for PVD and based on what I read, you can go about your regular daily activities. But Beth, I am not an eye expert and I don't want to give you the wrong information. I think you should just call the office of the optometrist you saw on Monday morning to double check on that information. In the meantime, feel safe to go about your regular everyday activity.

I called my friend because I didn't want to give you false information, you don't have to thank me for that. Now that I talked to him, I felt more comfortable and was able to explain it to you better as well.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
When I go back after my eye glasses I will talk to the optometrist if she is available or one of the girls in her office. I am friends with the one that fit me for my glasses so I will speak to her about it when I go if she is there. I wanted to get your opinion I know it's up to me whether I go to an opthamologist or not, but I was so confused from talking to the opthamologist on here & having already went & getting peace of mind from my optometrist, but it did bother me she didn't dilate my eyes, & the girl that took my glaucoma test said sometimes she doesn't dilate the patients eyes if she can see clearly. But still I thought it was odd. If nothing happens between now & another week I will stick with that, if I get more floaters etc, I will have to go see an optamologist. She told me if I had more symptoms she would look at me again & send me to an optamologist if she felt I needed to go. But she said she didn't think at the present time I had any worries, because it was a mild pvd. But then coming on here talking to him, he just threw that out the window telling me it was dangerous for her to tell me that without dilation. I was like why did I even bother going. I appreciate you checking for me not too many people would.

I will be siding with the optometrist that saw you and examined you. If she was comfortable enough to tell you you have PVD without dilating your eyes, that means she was actually seeing it clearly.

You don't need to have your eyes dilated in order to diagnose PVD, however, you do need your eyes dilated to diagnosed RD. So there is a small chance that she would have missed RD because she didn't dilate your eyes but I think she was relying on your symptoms as well as what she saw to make that determination.

I think you should just wait and see. If you have no more symptoms, you dont need to see anyone else. If symptoms come back or get worse, you will need to see an ophthalmologist for a full dilated exam.

For now, I dont think you should worry.

When you get several different opinions, you will always have a variation in those opinions. I think you should rely mostly on the person who examined you.

Hope you are having a good day. Talk soon.

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