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lessions over My whole body,itching ,and something wierd

Resolved Question:

My girlfriend has several cats and I believe I stepped in it or digested it. She owns 15 or more cats in a mobile home and I started noticing lessions over My whole body,itching ,and something wierd in My stool.It's been 5 Years and My Dr. has been giving me Vermox for several mo.s I have began to quiver or vibrate almost all the time. I thought I might have worms but every time I go to emergency they send Me to the nut ward. I Vomit and stay very sick. This has been going on for 5 years and is getting worse. I see bright lights in the corners of My eyes and the lessions all over My body are scared so bad It's pitiful. At first I noticed little off white 3 legged things coming out where I would itch.Now they are mostly red pieces of meat. I'm on Opana for My back and I think they assume I'm hallucinating. This is so serious if I didn't take sleepiping pills I couldn't sleep at all for the shaking. Please help ! What should I do? I also run fevers and this seems to run in cycles.,every 2 to 3 mo.s I am very sick But the Dr.s cant seem to find anything in My stool and the specimens I take in are always to old off My skin. These things don't only itch they bite,

everytime they bite I can go straight to the place and there will be a bump or some kind of mark on the skin. I had to go to the hospital for urinating blood clots and they sent Me to an Uroligist and I was to sick to make the app. Since then I'm pretty sure I have had blood in My urine and for sure My stool. I also hear things moving in My ears as if they are building something and have found somewhat like cacoons . I have also heard small exposions in my head about 5 times, as if a rock was bursting in My head.My ears have gotten to where every morning they havethick,wet secretion coming out and My eyes are matted with sleep and My sinuses and lungs are full of thick mucas. My Dr. Has given Me antibiotic eye and ear drops and nasal spray with an inhaler. He said My white blood cell count was either low or high. I've also been on antibiotics and has merca while in the nut ward thinking I had worms.I also seen a neorolagist that thought I might have a brain tumor. He ordered a cat scan of the head which was ok, also an eeg which I lost and I never retuned to Him I've also seen 4 or 5 dermatolagists which one said was My nerves and1 said itwas derma contact?

Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Onlinedoc replied 6 years ago.
Well from what you describe Morgellons Disease is one possibility to consider.

Second possibility in your case include Delusional parasitosis

Also by now i think scabies should have been ruled out by your dermatologist .

Anti itch lotion like calamine lotion for local application can be used .
Also you may be reffered to a clinical psychologist for counselling or a psychiatrist for further management .

I hope this helps

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