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CamilleRN, Nurse (RN)
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After seeing my first question I took a half of a percocet.

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After seeing my first question I took a half of a percocet. The complete stopping of putting this in my system has made my life a 24 hour a day painful experience . The half pill made me feel normal for the first time in months. Prior to quitting I was able to do everything work, gym etc. Can I continue this without all the talk of getting sick again mental problems. I finally feel good for the first time in I don't know how long. Basically same question just want an expert opinion not someone online who has been doing drugs for 10 years. Anyone of these online sites say one pill and yor done. Again I never did drugs don't drink this just seems to help maybe it's mental or maybe there really are some properties in this that helps with my body. I am just asking for a professional opinion
Thank you
Welcome to JustAnswer Health...and thank you for your question. I am a verified Expert and am delighted to help you today. Are you ( or were you) in that why you took it?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
My body is always in pain.all day for weeks. I mean maybe 8,9 this is when I stopped taking pills and went to one per day after taking 3 a day for approx 8-9 months. Than I found myself taking 5 so I went down to one immediately . That's when the pain started than after 2-3 weeks or more at 1 I just stopped. Probably screwed up my whole system I was told after I went through he'll I should have slowly come off them. Anyway botXXXXX XXXXXne I took a half today and finally did things with my family after weeks of gut wrenching pain and anxiety sitting on the couch. If you have any advice please let me know . I Am very nervous I'm making a big mistake. I don't abuse drugs and I have to say 8 weeks my wife says more is this going to screw me up. I have them and have had them and didn't take any for weeks

pain medication exists for people who are in pain, so they can try to live a normal life. I recommend you talk with your Doctor and work out a pain management schedule and stick with it.
are you there?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Yes I'm sorry to keep going on with the same question but my question remains is taking this until the pain goes away maybe a week maybe a few until my body adjusts is it going to be a major problem for me.
in general, if you are taking this med as directed, It should not be a problem. Talk to your Doctor... there are other pain medications available, that he may want you try, if you are concerned with dependance on the percocet.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I don't know if my last question went through
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Relist: Incomplete answer.
Someone who knows about pain medication
How can I help you further?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
After non stop searching for help with this I am being told that it could take weeks or months until my body recovers to feeling somewhat normal. I am truly sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.I was told to stay om medication in smaller doses and gradually wean off. Well as I've said not once but 2xs I quit cold turkey. First time 14-15 days of living he'll. As I've said before. Than I went back to the doctor who told me to take a small amount for a while until my body gets used to it. Well I did that for 3 days I never listen. Anyway the last 8 days have been he'll .now I went through 2 weeks nothing but he'll, go back take 1.5 for 3-4 days I don't even know anymore. And than 8-9 days of he'll again. As I've said I have them don't take them yesterday I took one and could finally function with my family. Now I contact someone who says stay on it for a few weeks until your body is not completely miserable and gradually come off slowly. What is the answer. Each dr has another story .one says wean off slowly another says tough it out. I would like to see him tough it out for 3 days..I really need an answer please that's helpful if you know about this problem. Please don't tell me listen to my dr. Which one. I actually called narcotics anonymous and was told I don't need meetings or pain specialists just slowly taper off until you feel normal .I AM NOT TAKING THEM until yesterday. Please need advice real advice
I totally agree with NA... ther is NO reason to quit anything cold turkey.. it's miserable... and you have suffered more than enough. So yes, I do agree.. taper slowly. Like this:
For the percocet.. take one twice per day for 2 weeks.... then take 1/2 in the morning and a whole in the night every day for a week... then take 1/2 in the morning and 1/2 at night for a week...then take only 1/2 at night for a week... then take 1/2 every other night for 2 weeks.... then decrease that to 1/2 every third day for two weeks... then decrease it to 1/2 every 4th day for 2 weeks... until you no longer need them at all.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I know I'm a pain but if I was not this I would not have the time to send these questions. I appreciate the last answer and I'm going to try this. Problem is when I wake up which is now 9:30 compared to 7am everyday I am so exhausted and feel like I want to die . It's insanity living with this.I never had this in my life till I just stopped these stupid pills. Anyway today I took your advice and took 1/2 of one and in 20 minutes felt fine. I took half because I never ever took a whole one always 1/2 at a time.sorry about going on but the thing in the morning should I just put it next to my bed and @ 6 am when I wake up take it. Whats happening is I get up with the kids go back to sleep than wake up in this drowning feeling .I noticed today I made myself get up took it and 20 minutes felt good.again just take it first thing. Second I really don't like taking it at night after 6-7 but I'm going to listen this time and not be the doctor. That has not worked .I couldn't have tried for worse results. Is taking it at night important or spread them out1/2at a time over the day.soon I will leave you alone. Also people in my office I've told about this want to join how do they go about talking to you I guess Camille if your available today
Honestly if it suits you better to take it earlier in the evening that is qhite ok:-)
You are not a pain at all....You can aks me more questions ... this is perfectly fine.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Ok thanks it's basically in the morning that's just horrible, I found that when I took it in the morning everything was much much better . If I get up late and wait till 10-11i feel horrible really bad. What I'm asking is should I take it 1 st thing in the morning afterwards it's hours before I have any discomfort and that's with a 1/2 of one. Sorry with all the questions just trying to get it right
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Can percocet help with depression if controlled. After following your taper method for 1 week of 2 per day I find I am working living somewhat normal. The severe depression and total loss of desire to do anything is almost gone. Not perfect but it's changed everything.. Don't get me wrong I still am not 100% but I'm doing things I haven't done in weeks from stopping cold turkey. I am taking 2per day split in halves and so far I'm living and depression is almost gone I will always have it. This seems to help. I also take lamictrel but this is helping do people ever use percocet for depression or am I fooling myself. I have had no desire to take more than we discussed and I hope it stays that way but can it be used for depression safely
Pain medicine can help with depression that is caused by pain and discomfort, yes. I am so glad you had a good week! :-)
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Ok last one you know me by now im nuts with this. The pain is probably mental but as I said taking this has got me back to life. My business everyone thinks I'm great or cured but can I stay on this 2per day for a while without problems.I'm feeling good for the first time in so long to be honest the idea of going off in 2weeks scares me that I'm going right back. It's a stupid question but can someone stay on this dose for a longer period than 2-3 weeks without causing a problem. It's just helping and I'm not cheating and just getting better which I thought would never happen. That's it please let me know
yes.. there are people who take two pills per day for years... the danger is in taking more and more
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what can happen is a person can start to feel like the pills aren't as effective and add another one... and come time later add yet another one.. this is the danger of narcotics.
CamilleRN and other Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Ok now it's day 5 . I have kept to the schedule and so far it's made a very big change. I'm out I'm working more than I have in weeks and things are progressing like I hoped. Here is my problem #1 I feel some depression and I'm tired. I wanted to know if this is normal. Also I read these Internet blogs of people with addiction for years telling each other if you take anything your going to relapse and all kinds of stories.any thoughts ? You have been helpful
I am glad you are doing well. If you are out doing more than usual it is normal that you may feel more tired. Everyone is individual... the people sharing their insight may have absolutely nothing in common with you. The fact remains that if you have pain and discomfort, these meds are prescribed for you by Your Doctor and they work by allowing you to feel better and be more productive.... your's and your Doctor's goal has been met. As long as you follow your Doctors orders and do not take more than is prescribed, there should be no problem.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Ok well here I go again. I have done everything as planned 2 per day . I haven't cheated and thought it was going good. Sat was not to good Sunday was pretty bad and today I woke up feeling like I was in withdrawal . I just don't get it i try so head you have no idea. I try to keep moving evrything. Regardless I know I'm going backwards. I can feel my body is waiting and to be honest I do not want to start eating pills again. I thought this would do it it's not working. I CANNOT go through another withdrawal.I don't know what to do it's all going backwards. I finally took a half at 10which is crazy I should be working. This will last for a few hours. Than I will take another one 1/2at 1 and another 1/2at 4 . The depression is overtaking me and the idea of these pills is part of it. I wish to God this was working but it's not . I'm feeling better now as I'm writing this but it's not good. Should I stick with it for another week .? This is what happened the 2nd time I quit after 3 days of tapering I didn't feel good so I quit . 8 more days of he'll. I really can't do it again any ideas you have been helpful ? Stick it out feel like this ? Maybe I'm supposed to feel like shit for some of it. Suboxone is what I hear or see on these crazy drug websites. I think it's crazy for someone taking 2 per day to feel this bad and I think it's going to far with suboxone for 2 per day. If I was taking more I would gladly tell you any help please
Are you taking an antidepressant? Would you consider it ? The pain medicine works for pain, and it eliinates anxiety that is caused by pain... but pain medication can't do anything for depression. You COULD take your pain medicine as ordered by your Doctor and an antidepressant... this would be a better idea than the pain medicine alone because is is not going to help control depression.