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Each year I have outdoor allergies that last three months or

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Each year I have outdoor allergies that last three months or so. Every year I think that a small miracle will occur and they may not get me! Before you know it the allergy season begins, and I'd just rather be put down like a sick dog! People have let me know that my allergies must be terrible to deal with as I can hardly function as time goes on. My face feels swollen, post nasal drip makes me caugh prefusely, and sometimes I vomitt from it. I blow my nose all day long and everything is clear. The first few weeks aren't soo bad but as time carries on, my ribs begin to to hurt from caughing and my body doesn't want to give me a break. Mornings are bad but not as severe as the days goes on and I only feel worse! They do't let up when inside at all. I have tried every over the couner remedy and couple of perscription medications. Nothing works! Aside from from moving to Arizona, is there anything that can be done to help a person with allergies this bad? I really believe that not all people experience allergies quite this bad!

Hello and thank you for using JustAnswer Health.

Have you ever tried a neti pot, or also there are mechanical saline rinse devices that will gently rinse your nasal and sinus passages. The saline (an exact percentage of purified salt in filtered water) works to draw out pollen, dust, mold, dander, old mucous, bacteria etc. It was pretty miraculous, to me when I first started using it. I had been told my only hope was surgery, after the antibiotics no longer worked (duh - they didn't work because the real underlying issue was inflammation due to allergies).

If your eyes are also bothered by allergies, the same principle works here. You can purchase Bausch and Lomb's eye wash (also basically a saline solution) and use it once or tice daily to rinse out the pollen. Then the irritation stops, and the eyes feel much better as well as loose the redness.

There are other things too, that you may be aware of but that can help if you have not tried them. Such as getting an air purifier (HEPA type is the best for filtering allergens). Also washing the hair, showerng, washing clothers, pillow case and linens more frequently during allergy season can help.

Here is information on a neti pot. You can buy these at most pharmacies now, and also and health food and supplement stores:

IF you decide to try it, let me know and I'll provide you a few tips to get you started.

If you have further questions on this topic please reply to this post so that we can assist you further.

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Hi! thank you for your advice. I have not heard of neti pot but suprisingly my boyfriend just said his friend's wife uses the stuff and she believes it works great! He thinks it's gross but, I'm desperate and will try anything. I wash the sheets, pillow cases towels, shower, and wash hair more then anyone I know! I think I'd really die if I didn't, lol. SOO annoying. Anyhow, what all should I purchase on the website? Thank you soo much for a very new and different option! The physician just doesn't seem to get how bad this really is! GRR

It is not as gross as it sounds. It is a method tried and true over thousands of years in India. Gravity works with the shape of the pot to run the fluid up one side of the nasal passage to and through the sinuses and out the other nostril. You keep breathing through your mouth while you do it. You will see. Now the first time you use it you may be inflammed and/or blocked with mucous, so you will have to be gentle, put it down if it doesn't go through, try it on the other side a little and then wait until later in the day to try again or the next day. I would suggest not doing it more than once or twice per day. After several tries over a few days, you will find that the fluid rinses right through, and you will probably never have the same problem again, unless you go without using it for a long time.

You can purchase it from that website if you like. Just make sure you purchase the salt. I just looked back at the website and they are selling the cannister with a big bag of refill salt. You really only need the one smaller cannister - and that will probably last you years. The directions will come with it. I use a tea pot and warm up water. While the water is warming up measure the salt into the neti pot, then a little bit of hot water, and then 3/4 full of cooler water (all filtered to get the fluoride, etc. out of it) because you just want it room temperature or slightly warmer. If you ever try it without the salt, it will really hurt. It will also dry out the mucous membranse and hurt if you use too much salt, so following the directions and using the little measuring spoon that will come with it is important. The salt makes it just a tiny bit more salty that our tissues are normally. If you don't use the salt, it doesn't pull the mucous out.

You may be able to find less expensive versions else where so feel free to look on other websites. They all work the same. You do not have to purchase the fluid that they are also selling. You can also find these at CVS and Walgrens and Whole Foods, and probably other stores, that is just where I happen to have seen and what I have in my area. Of course most health food and supplement stores wil have them too.

Feel free to write back with any questions. Remember to give it a few days at first, because the inflammation after such a long time may take a little time to go down.

Susan Ivy and 4 other Health Specialists are ready to help you