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Why do the soles of my feet hurt so much. Even when I am

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Why do the soles of my feet hurt so much. Even when I am resting. They never stop hurting.


Sorry for your problem.

Any associated history of redness or swelling over feet?

Any history of a medical disorder like diabetes etc?

Any drug you are already getting?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
My ankles are just slightly puffy. Not much. My blood pressure is at times high [140-160] but normally between 116/63 - 134/79. I take a natural multi-vitamin, Omega 3, Vitamin E [400iu], and some herbs. I've not been diagnosed with diabetes or anything.

Okay and thanks for your input.

Severe pain of the sole of feet with no other symptom can be due to:

- Inflammation of the connective tissue of the foot, especially the plantar fascia which is a strong band of connective tissue that extents through the length of the foot.

- Nerve inflammation due to diabetes or vitamin B deficiency

- fallen arch of the foot with age.

- pinched nerves between the toes.

-Tarsal tunnel syndrome etc.

The commonest cause of pain in the foot is plantar fascitis. The plantar aponeurosis is a tough membrane that extends along the sole of the foot. It can get inflamed if too much strain is put on it as by very high heels, obesity, a job that requires long hours of standing, arthritis, heel spurs etc.

Pain due to plantar fasciitis is usually highest in the morning after being inactive the whole night. The pain decreases slowly as the feet are exercised.

While soaking the feet in a warm epsom bath will help the muscles and ligaments to relax and decrease the pain to some extent, you can also take painkillers like Motrin or Aleve for relief. Stretching exercises of the feet and ankles also help.

But what is most necessary is a proper examination of the feet by an orthopedist and test like CT scan.


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