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I had blood work done and my ANA was 1.16 and my doctor sent

Resolved Question:

I had blood work done and my ANA was 1.16 and my doctor sent me to another doctor. His dignosis was RA.
Recently I had another blood work done and my ANA was 1.80. What do you think this could be for I don't have a lot of pain in my bones mostly in my muscles. Is this serious?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  drknowsbest replied 6 years ago.
drknowsbest :

the increase in titer of ANA makes more sense with worsening disease (low titres can be present in up to 20% of people with no problems) it is not a very specific test

drknowsbest :

it is monitored with disease worsening though so since it went up more likely true positive

drknowsbest :

more extensive labs like rheumatoid factor, pANCA, cANCA, type of ANA pattern, sed rate, and ck may be better if you have them otherwise i would definitely get at least these done with a rheumatologist to pinpoint the problem

drknowsbest :

this would be the specialist of choice for a second opinion

drknowsbest :

for a rheumatoid arthritis muscle aching is possible but usually joint swelling/thickening/finger changes and "stiffness" are more common and without those more likely something else

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Expert:  drknowsbest replied 6 years ago.
a sed rate within normal range is very important...if not then i would most certainly get a second opinion
i see you are offline please accept if no more questions