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My last MRA showed that "beading was noted in the right

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My last MRA showed that "beading was noted in the right renal artery which could represent fibromuscular dysplasia." Is there any way that this beading could be reversed? (Such as by taking proteolytc enzymes?)
I have been diagnosed with Giant Cell Arteritis (along with polymyalgia rheumatica) and have been up and down on prednisone for the past 10 years...currently down to 3mg/day, but my C-reactive protein and sed rate are mildly elevated yet. My dr. talks about putting me on some other immunosuppressant, such as methotrexate, which frightens me. I prefer to use nutritional supplements instead of pharmaceuticals, so prednisone is the only drug I am taking. Also...previous MRA's have shown aortitis of the abdominal aorta and aneurysmal dilatation of 1.6 cm in the rght common iliac artery. Is it possible that any of this vasculitis can be reversed...hopefully without pharmaceuticals?
drknowsbest :

unfortunately aneurysmic changes and dysplasia cannot be reversed...but it could be slowed from progression

drknowsbest :

this can be done with tight blood pressure control first (exercise and diet)...i understand wanting to stay off the methotrexate but in the long run may be less side effect ridden than the prednisone in many ways (with sugar and vessel weakness) for now if your sed rate stays controlled continue to titrate off prednisone as your dr suggests.. additional supplements that are nonprescription are: antioxidants (vitamin C and E), omega 3s like DHA, and coenzyme q10 all lessen damage to vessels and might lessen further damage

drknowsbest :

r u there?

i see u r off line i will switch to regular mode and please accept if no more questions
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I like your answer...thank you! ***** don't quite understand part of your response. You said that methotrexate may be less side-effect-ridden than prednisone (with sugar and vessel weakness). Did you mean that prednisone can cause blood vessel weakness? And what does sugar have to do with it?

What kind of exercise and diet can control blood pressure? Is just walking exercise sufficient?

Low-fat, low sugar, vegetables, fruits, & whole grains? Anything else helpful for blood pressure?

I am already taking 4800mg fish oil/day, containing 2880 mg Omeg3 fatty acids. Do you think it would be helpful to increase this amount? (I am also taking 400IU Vitamin E and 3000mg/day Vitamin C.)

Do you think that the proteolytic enzymes (nattokinase, serrapeptase) can help to lessen further vessel damage? Do you consider it wise to continue taking them?

prednisone can increase sugars over time and lead to diabetes in that it "fools" your body by providing outside steroids and alters your body's internal (adrenal) responses to sugar can also contribute to blood vessel weakness and therefore stretch tear (aneurysm)
moderate exercise 5-7 days per week for 30 minutes-this includes sports like tennis for recreation, recreational biking or brisk walking to slow jog is better
the fish oils vitamin E and C is fine
i would add coenzyme q then and as for the diet sounds good, increased fiber should be part of what you are doing now then...sounds pretty good
if no more questions please press accept
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Do you think that the proteolytic enzymes (nattokinase, serrapeptase) can help to lessen further vessel damage? Do you consider it wise to continue taking them?

How much Co-Q 10 would you suggest?

I have a correction to make concerning my fish oil intake. My 4800mg fish oil contains only 1440 omega-3 fatty acids. Would more omega-3's be better?

Thank you so much! You have been very helpful!

q 10 about 100 mg a day would be fine as you likely get a lot in your diet
the omegas at that dose are fine, higher doses if your triglycerides are over 150 i would go up to 4000/day
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Thank you! You have answered all my related questions, except for one:

Do you think that taking proteolytic enzymes (containing "fibrinolytic units") could help with fibromuscular dysplasia in my right renal artery...maybe to help blood reach the kidney...maybe to lessen further vessel damage? You seem to be avoiding this part of my question. If you don't know, please say so. Thanks!

they may...there are no great studies on them but then again cannot hurt according to studies so i would continue
didn't mean to avoid, not intentional
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