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What can cause your lips, lower face around the nose area to

Resolved Question:

hello , what can cause your lips, lower face around the nose area to feel hot , I have no fever, am menopausal, and have COPD and have noticed it feels like I am breathing hot air all the time when in fact it is 68 degrees in my home
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. Nomi replied 6 years ago.
Its looking like you are having problem in maxillary branch of trigeminal nerve.Please see in this picture and you can correlate the area which is involved.
Please note down that trigeminal nerve is a 5th cranial nerve which has origin in brain and it is responsible for the touch pain and temperature sensation of the face.Now ,the question is what is going on with this nerve which is giving you this feeling.One common reason is this that maxillary branch of trigeminal nerve can get irritated by sinusitis (infection of sinuses present in face) which is giving a false perception of hot feeling of face in that area which is supplied by these branch.Moreover,if you are not having recurrent sinus infections then we have to go for a CT scan (if this is really bothering you) to locate any compression of this nerve at any level.
Hope I simplified everything and it cleared your confusion.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I looked at the picture and am not sure at what I am seeing, but, I will speak to my Dr about this , I have told him about this and he thinks it is due to my menopause, but I am on Gabapentin due to pain on the left side of my head a shooting pain just above my ear, no ear infection, he did no CT or x- ray just said it was nurologicle an gave me this med. and it has helped, and I asked for something for anxiety or what I explained as stress caused by outside family and he put me on Paxil 20mg
Expert:  Dr. Nomi replied 6 years ago.
Though hormonal fluctuations do cause such things .However,I will suggest he should book you for a CT scan .It is must now.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
why is it a must now, could this be a problem
Expert:  Dr. Nomi replied 6 years ago.
A neurological head pain along with hot feeling of face are pointing towards some underlying pathology.Its better to get a CT scan to be on safe side.
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