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I had a bad cold about 2 and a half weeks ago and red

Resolved Question:

I had a bad cold about 2 and a half weeks ago and red burning eyes since 2 weeks. I have been given antibitoics and oral antibiotics and the "conjunctivitus" is still persistant. I went to the hospital and the doctor believes it is viral conjunctivitus. How long is this expected to last? and could it be something else?
Medication taken:
Soframycin Drops
Chlorsig ointment
Roxithromycin Tablets 300 gram
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. Su S replied 6 years ago.

Viral conjunctivitis usually get resolved by 10-14 days. in some cases, it can persists till 6 weeks too. Otc artificial tear can be used to reduce the irritation. Warm compression can give soothing effect. If the symptoms are not decreasing or getting worse then you can consult doctor again. Swab test can be taken to rule out any bacterial infection. Sometimes steroid drop is used to reduce the inflammation. Antihistamine, anti viral medications are used if the symptoms are severe. They can help to relieve the symptoms.

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