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I have been suffering with severe headaches accompanied by

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I have been suffering with severe headaches accompanied by severe sharp pains in my right ear since last September. I hung in there until January before I saw a doctor. I was diagnosed with an ear infection and treated. The headaches and ear pain persisted and I went to the ER, where a CT scan was done to check my mastoid bone. I was given more abx and told my CT was fine. 1 week later my doc called me and upon reviewing my CT scan in her office, she noticed a 3cm mass in my left brain. She called me at home and instructed me to go back the the ER, she would call ahead. I went back to the ER, where I was told after no further testing other than a neuro-check that it appeared to be an arachnoid cyst, they don't cause any symptoms and that my pain is probably from a sinus infection. I was given percocet 5/350 and sent home. My doc kept up with the percocet since it was the only thing providing some sort of relief, she sent me to an ENT, who has found nothing wrong. Now she has put in a neuro consult. I have had no further diagnostic testing since the original CT, my doc has stopped the pain mess, and has started trying migraine medications. I am on my third "trial" since last week and no success. The neuro can't see me until June. I am scared because the pain in my head and ear just wont let up. Its been 6months. I am getting depressed because of it. Im going to die of liver failure from the amount of nsaids im taking just to keep it somewhat tolerable. Im scared of whatever this thing on my brain is. My doc wont even guess what it is, even though the ER says its a cyst. It all started a a month and a half after the the birth of my son. Can someone please tell me what I can do? I have tried everything, even tying a tube sock around my head so I could sleep. The ER thinks Im nuts and the doc says that percocet is no longer indicated even though Im in tons of pain. The headache feels like all the pain of a migraine but in one area, no light sensitivity or any of that, just sharp stabbing constant pain in the left deep in the left side of my head and right ear. Sometimes I hear a shifting sound in my ear top, when it get real bad. Please give me some advice on how to help my doc help me, what it could be on my brain, and what I can do for the pain, I think my doc thinks im a junkie or something.
Dear JACUSTOMER u6613fin: You definitely need to be evaluated by a Neurologist or Neurosurgeon before June if you are in severe pain and on no further pain medications. You may want to ask your doctor for a referral to a Neurosurgeon ASAP because arachnoid cyst usually are treated based on the location of the cyst and the size. Waiting til June for your initial neurological evaluation and therapeutic intervention by a specialist is and should not be accepted and you should address this issue immediately and consistently with your primary care physician until a new referral is made for you because you are symptomatic with this "cyst" and are no longer being given care that you certainly deserve!
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
My doc did send a referral, there are only 2 neuros who accept my isurance and the earliest appointment is in June. My doctor gets agitated when I ask her questions, or ask why the pain med is no longer "indicated" though I still have pain. I have concerns of why she hasn't ordered any further tests. My mom says its is medical negligence or something. The only thing I can get the doc to do is keep trying more migraine medications. They seem to not help at all if not make it hurt more. My doc has sent another referral for an appt asap but there has been no response. Do you have any further ideas, do arachnoid cyts cause pain? Why wont my doctor help me? I have been going to that practice since I was 15. I do.t understand.
Dear JACUSTOMER u6613fin: I certainly can not get in between the relationship you have with your doctor, but as your mother has mention, better care is needed for your immediate comfort and relief. When you are not receiving the care you deserve from a professional health care provider, you have rights as a patient to find someone who will provide the care you need. The most important thing right now is getting you better so that supercedes how you may feel about how long you have been with a health care provider, if the needs are not being met to your satisfaction, or especially if your condition is worsening. Yes, an arachnoid cyst can cause headache pain and you need to call the referred Neuro doctor's office and ask for an appointment sooner because of your worsening symptoms. You may want to contact the new doctor's office manager is he or she has one in the office and explain your present condition indicating that you can't wait until June. You can also contact your insurance company and ask them to give you the name of a Neurologist or Neurosurgeon who takes your insurance who can see you before June and explain to the insurance company that you do not want to keep going back and forth to the ER and I'm sure the insurance company does not want to keep paying for an ER bill over and over and will help you to find a Neurologist who takes the insurance.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thank You ¢:
Dear JACUSTOMER u6613fin: You're quite welcomed! And I hope your soon get the very best of health care and relief of your pain!!

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