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Hi, can you tell me anything about eGFR non-African American?

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Hi, can you tell me anything about eGFR non-African American? It seems to be something about cancer-maybe properties to fight cancer? The old doc that I was fighting with ordered it. I'm slightly below range. I have a new doctor-TG-but he's nervous, waiting for me to burn him. The administration called me up and recommended that I get a new doctor-and talked about feely-feely crap. I told admin that I needed a doctor and nurse that would be professional, no matter what they thought of me-and we could be feely-hug-hug later. I liked my first doctor-but. This doc asked me what had transpired-I told him that I lived around the corner from his and the GI office, but she made my referral for another county and she didn't like PA specialists. I have IBS, my stomach likes soft and bland, and the old doc wanted me to eat raw veges. I told him I really didn't understand the reasons for all that went on and didn't offer any more info. He had some questions about the role of a PA in gastroentology. I explained that the PA took off a few times to confer with a doctor, during the GI visit-the PA is board certified for GI-and having her meant that I got into that system sooner. I'm scheduled for a colonscopy in June. I took in all of my paperwork-and that made him happy. He seems honest and has an open mind. It was a timing accident, but I went in with a smashed finger and and I couldn't scrub all the paint primer off. That explained a lot about my life. So many people lie-especially older people-He commented several times that I seem healthy in many ways. That's usually a good sign. I think that he's somewhat satisfied with me. So if you can help me with that eGFR test, I'd appreciate it.

Hello, and thank you for requesting me.

The eGFR (non -African American) is a test that is ordered to check for early kidney damage and to monitor kidney function. It is usually ordered along with several other test when the kidney status is evaluated. When a person has either diabetes or hypertension or there is other reason to monitor the kidneys, it is usually ordered.

Signs of kidney disease is puffiness around the eyes or in the face, wrist, abdomen, thighs or ankles, urine that is foamy, bloody, or coffee-colored, decreased urine amounts, increased urination at night. In more severe kidney disease there may be a feeling of itchy skin, tiredness, loss of appetite and nausea, swelling in hands and feet and numbness, darkened skin, and muscle cramps.

For more details on the test, and my reference, see:

Let me know if you have more questions regarding this test or topic.

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
my low eGFR, is pretty much saying that I have the kidneys of a horse? While it means the old doctor was careful, and making sure that I was okay, I think it had the new doc wondering about things, since he kept saying that I look healthy and I seem healthy. anything that helps me to positively interface with the new doc is good.

Actually a low eGFR can indicate damage. Do you have the actual results of your test? I can provide you better information if you have the results.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
58 Low mL/min/1.73m2 >60 I like communicating with you. What got me about this lab work is that it was supposed to be only for my thyroid screen. I normally assent to all lab work, but I'd like a generalization of-let's check for your kidneys, while we do the thyroid screen. That didn't happen-and I'm sort of mad about it. I'm not a lawyer-but I'd like to have a general idea of what's being done to me. My stomach was upset by the lose weight and eat raw vege edict, so I've been fighting diarrhea off and on. The week of that test was very bad for me with that doctor. I went to administration-they'd call and talk to her. Denise would smile and tell me to go to the checkout desk and pick up my new papers. Whatever was sent to the check-out desk was a new problem, and I still didn't have the correct paper work for a referral. Then I went back to the clinic manager, Denise, with the new paperwork that was messed up even more. Then Denise called the doctor again. My sodium and potassium are high in range and chloride is out of range by one point, but they've always been high. My Father was an Army medic and he passed out salt pills- I threw them up and went from healthy to sick for a few days-then back to healthy. He came to the logical conclusion that I was on the high end of the stick. My husband was advised by the Navy unit doctor that we should have salt pills on southern AZ. Partly because we were really physically active and not indoors. My husband brow beat me into taking one of the damn things. I threw up on him on purpose. He went in, they told him to stop, as I have high potassium and everything. The unit doc got hold of my records from the AF clinic for the dependents. The AF kept track, my normal temp is from 94-96. The temp makes some nurses mad, as they think that I'm pulling some trick for the hell of it-like sucking ice cubes in the waiting room. I had urinary infections with my 3rd pregnancy. Not counting that pregnancy-I've probably had less than a dozen urinary infections in my life; no kidney stones, etc. I don't have head aches-I sleep well, unless both of my hounds snore on the same night. I now have to hydrate myself more because of my IBS and age (69). I have been dehydrated twice thanks to modern meds. I was prepping for a colonscopy, and that phosphate stuff in a little green bottle made me sick-doctors laughed at me-the last prep put me into convulsions. I knew what was going on, was really hot, thrashing around with prep fluid squirting from my anus. My husband had friends die in his arms in 'Nam from dehydration. He held me and got water down me, and then cleaned me and the place up. He took me the next day and put fear into them. This new doctor says that I'm doing the right thing by seeing the GI, getting the colonscopy and he says that he'll recommend that they never do it again, while I'm well. We'll just check my stool a couple of times a year for blood and work on prevention. Then after the convulsions I was given something for GERD. I stopped taking the first med after a few days, as it didn't help, and it bothered me. They gave me something else. I ended up in the ER after only one pill. My back and legs hurt, my veins were blowing, while they used an infant needle to start an IV. I had sores on the inside of my cheeks from them being stuck to my teeth. The end of my tongue and the sides were raw from being stuck to my teeth. I sounded like a drunk with slurred speech. I was concerned about this up coming prep, especially since it had baking soda in it. I couldn't handle that as a kid or an adult. I called the GI clinic with my concerns about baking soda and that the large amount of Ducolax might put me in an episode-non-stop diarrhea for a week or more; told them about the convulsions. I'm starting the prep sooner, using more of a liquid diet, less ducolax, and a colon cleaner that's gentler and doesn't have baking soda in it. I feel relaxed about it, as they listened to my concerns. My only regret is that they'll put me out. I've always been awake, like to see my stomach-watch them snip polyps-tell them that I'm not a vegen-that severe IBS causes the lining to slough off, which seems to reduce the amount of diverticulus-3 and 2 polyps. They always got all the way up. If people bleed, and they aren't on blood thinner, don't have high BP, don't have a ton of polyps, and follow prep instructions, they shouldn't be having much trouble. I think that they're speed racing in getting the scope out-now that hurts. I tell them to slow down kid, you're not late for a hot date. Right now, the GI staff and my doctor are happy that I can tell them what I saw.

Thank you for waiting for my reply. Thank you as well for the information you have provided. If I continue to work with you from time to time in the future it will be helpful to know these details.

If the lab your doctor's office uses is the same as the following results (ml/min) which it probably is, then it appears you have mild to barely moderate decrease in glomeruler filtration rate, and this puts you in the kidney damage stage of 3 (but close to 2). 1 is normal, and 5 is the worst, or kidney failure. So how this would effect you is that you want to be sure and be careful when taking strong antibiotics or other medications that can effect the kidneys. This means taking plenty of water when taking these types of medications so that it is not hard on your kidneys to process the chemicals. It also means that you do want to maintain a normal blood pressure reading, as elevated BP, even slightly elevated BP over time, is one of the biggest causes of kidney damage. Of course even a person with healthy or stage 1 kidney function should do these things, but you want to be even more careful, since you are now aware that there is very slight damage. It would also be a good idea to have this test run every so often, just to monitor your kidney function. Here is the table that explains what the eGFR results mean. It is taken from the website I referenced in my last reply to you:

Kidney damage stage description gfr other findings
1Normal or minimal kidney damage with normal GFR90+Protein or albumin in urine are high, cells or casts seen in urine
2Mild decrease in GFR60-89
3Moderate decrease in GFR30-59
4Severe decrease in GFR
5Kidney failure

Please feel free to reply with any questions you may have.

Susan Ivy and 3 other Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Dear Nurse Ivy, thank you so much. I've pretty much decided that after this fasting blood test and the colonscopy, that I'll use the results of this stupid eGFR test to get out of doing anything other than having thyroid screens run. If I didn't have thyroid, and didn't need Librax to control the IBS-the dentist and eye doctor would be the only health professionals that I'd see. My BMI is in normal range-top end-and a thousand heavily muscled sailors will tell you that they are screwed and kicked out of the Navy, because of this new flawed medicine that's made for unmuscled office people and computer geeks. I've really been stressed out because of that doctor (and her nurse, who probably did the paper work to send me to other counties and delay appointments <the appointment that I had would've cancelled-and it takes about 3-4 months to get an appt>, so my referrals would expire-time). My thyroid was high and I told the old doctor that and kept making appointments. I'm mad about the current thyroid care-for some reason it bounces-diet-sunlight exposure-potato chips-even cough syrup can raise the thyroid level. I hate it that I was basically coerced into bariums and colonscopies after I complained that (now pulled off the market becuz it ruined kidneys) the potassium in the little green bottle made me sick-really sick. I had to go into convulsions-and my heavily muscled sailor go in and scream and threaten to pound their brains out for them to quit bothering me. After that I told the quacks that I'd do it if they hospitalized me for the prep so they could treat my convulsions, and the family had already picked out a lawyer to sue them. Susan-my father died of cancer when I was 13. I was his main care giver. The village that I lived in, I was the oldest woman, because of diabetis. So I do understand the reasons for lots of this. I don't have TB, hepititis, diabetis, headaches. Nothing on me is swollen or puffy, if my thyroid is properly managed, I shouldn't be having high BP or kidney trouble. I'm so angry that they aren't using simple and cheap technology to manage my TSH, but would rather spend taxpayers' (medicare-SS) money on things that don't count, and wait until something like my BP goes up before they'll do anything. I'm having a stupid bone test-I asked them if that included the brittleness factor? They didn't know. I keep telling them that if I fall and break a bone, my bones are bad, if they don't break-they're good. I've gone in-then they came out in snits because my bones were like a much younger woman. I keep asking them what can they do about it, since all treatments seem to say-NOT GOOD 4 PEOPLE WITH STOMACH PROBLEMS. They can run these tests-then that's it. I find myself thinking that the practice of modern medicine causes a lack of common sense. Now I know why this doctor kept saying that I appear to be so healthy, etc. Next visit-sandals so he can see my dainty-unswollen feet-no corns-no bunions-no hammer toes-and I spent most of my life wearing sharp pointy-toed high-heeled cowboy boots or strapey stilettos and a killer mini-skirt. Those boots reduce the chances of your foot sliding through a stirrup when falling off a bucking horse and getting your head stomped while the horse is bucking or running. The stilettos are good for stomping on a guy's foot, if he doesn't back off-Now I need to bathe-take the hounds out for about a mile-and remove some drywall. I turned over my vege garden yesterday and went to the dump. I've asked doctors what good is it to worry about and treat other things, when the other things will set off my stomach and I'll die from that. I told this new doc that he can call me psychomatic-thinking that I'm sick-munchhosens-whatever-I don't care what he thinks-just take care of my stomach and thyroid. My grandfather that was run over by a speeding drunk in the late 1930s didn't know what caused his stomach pain and everyone wished that they could help him. Doctors all over came for his autopsy. I just don't think that I'm much better off. They told him to eat soft and bland-and gave him gave him pain killers-he died on his 98th birthday.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
No answer neccessary- Thank you-I've been fishing, painting, digging, putting in patio pave stones, hiking, etc. I think the lab might have a poor accuracy rating. I'm glad that you helped me understand this-gave me the lab site. I typed in a search for eGFR-and Google brought up cancer data. Thanks for listening to me.
Thank you, ***** ***** say it is nice to hear from people that are doing well sometimes, so I appreciate the reply. Keep up all your healthy activities & interests, and as you said, you will probably out live all your doctors!