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I am a RN, working bedside care over 20 years. I tested

Resolved Question:

I am a RN, working bedside care over 20 years. I tested positive for Hepatitis B surface antigen. I do not have a very good understanding of what this means. If I share personal items, offer a family member a taste of something I ate, cut myself, etc. are they in danger of becoming Hepatitis B positive?
I found out I was positive when donating blood and was retested. I told my primary care physician, she was not concerned and I was too embarrassed to ask these questions.
Should I never take Tylenol? Should I never drink alcohol (I seldom do anyway, but.....?)
Also, this is water over the dam, but I did get vaccinated many years ago, and as I changed jobs several years ago, and as I do go to my doctor for regular check ups, my levels have been tested!!! How did I become positive?
I am in average to good health but seem to be sometimes??? somewhat??? tired during the day???? Is it just me, old age, didn't sleep that great, need more coffee?? Or is it my "disease?"
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr. Nomi replied 6 years ago.
Ever you get sick with vomiting ,fever and dark colored urine?
How about your liver enzymes are they elevated?
Expert:  Dr. Nomi replied 6 years ago.
Since I was going offline so I thought to answer your query in detail.First of all you can contract hepatitis B through blood or secretions from an infected person.This can be a contact with blood of infected person or due to a sexual intercourse with person who is carrier.A needle prick can also cause this.You most probably have been tested for Hep B surface antigen which is positive.This means you are a carrier and can transmit this to others .Moreover it also show that you might be in a chronic liver disease (cirrhosis) .So for this you should check your Liver function enzymes.Most people with hepatitis B don't require treatment unless they are experiencing liver damage. There are two types of treatments available to help you get rid of HBV, and they aren't for everyone. One drug, an antiviral, stops the virus from replicating. Another drug, interferon, boosts your immune system to fight the infection. Your "e" antigen status, viral load, ALT levels, and how long you have been infected, will all be considered.If you have hepatitis B, your household members and sexual partners should be vaccinated and you must practice safer sex with latex condoms. Always keep a barrier between you and the blood and body fluids of others. Make sure your cuts or bruises are covered with bandages, and never share items that could have blood on them, such as toothbrushes, pierced earrings, hypodermic needles or works, and nail clippers.You cannot transmit HBV through hugging or kissing, sharing eating or drinking utensils, or sharing a bathroom.
Please fell free to ask any more questions .
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