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Is is possiable for my husband to have herpes HSV-1 from his

Customer Question

Is is possiable for my husband to have herpes HSV-1 from his CHILDHOOD, Never have an outbreak in his entire 61 yrs.
have 5 yrs of unprotected sex with me, deep french kissing and ME never get it? We have not had sex in 18 months because of our problems and he now has herpes HSV 1 ad a UTI. Would you say he was with some else in the last 18 months or would you say in 5 yrs of ALL kinds of sex with him, I am just LUCKY or Immune?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  911Doctor replied 6 years ago.

Hello and welcome to JustAnswer,

Honestly ma'am. no Way to tell. It is possible for the HSV, either type 1 or 2 to lie dormant for years and then reactivate. A similar thing is seen with the Zoster virus which causes chicken pox in chidren and late in life a reactivation causes shingles.Nor is there a lab test that will help unless he has documented HSV 1 infection records from childhood and he gets a wound culture or biopsy (not a blood test... never a blood test) and now has active HSV2. then there MIGHT be cause to truly doubt. But there ARE many couples who are monogamous when they get married... one has HSV one does not, and that's the way it stays. In fact, it is probable that you have formed antibodies to the HSV with multiple very low grade exposures. However, getting back to my original statement, there is just no way to answer this question with any certainty. If he has been with someone else and will not fess up, trying to prove it with this type of info is going to get you exactly nowhere.


Please let me know if you have any questions.



Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I cannot accept this answer because it is not an answer. He and (I) have had NO contact for 18 Months, NO kissing or anything. He now has HSV-1 and a UTI. No one is immune from HSV-1 and I had blood work...THE BEST to test for ALL STDS. I have NOTHING, after sex of all kinds with him for 5 yrs, but NO contact in 18 Months. Just tell me then if in your PROFESSIONAL opinion if he has MOST LIKELY contracted this during the past 18 Months. His test in 03 said (HSV Simplex Culture Not Isolated). I was told that since I had sex with him IN ALL WAYS for 5 yrs, "If he had it then....I WOULD HAVE IT". I am not concerned with Shingles or Chicken Pox, just the answer to my question. Shinglels or Chicken Pox has NOTHING to do with the type of herpes he has.


He has cheated in the past when we were dating. He has been known to have unprotected sex with Prositites. He loves attention from women.

What is your best EDUCATED Guess?

Expert:  911Doctor replied 6 years ago.

blood work is THE WORST to test for herpes. because it is positive in almost everyone because almost everyone has been exposed to the herpes virus but only thirty percent get the disease. the blood test is CRAP and is worthless. the only way to diagnose herpes reliably is with a swab from the lesion or a biopsy.


but you have your mind made up, you did not read my answer. he COULD have hsv1 now from a reactivation. my answer stands and is correct. he could easily have a UTI from a prostate issue and it is rare for UTIs in men to be due to STDs unless they are having sex with other me.


you asked, I am an expert, I answered and you told me I was wrong. not only that, but my partner happens to have HSV so I'm not just an expert with an MD, I'm an expert with personal experience.


but you seem to know the answer you want and you will not bet it from me. I can not, nor can anyone here tell you if your husband is cheating.





and you have wasted a good portion of my time trying to get an answer that is not correct.


maybe someone else will give it to you.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

This site is a Fraud!!!

You have wasted MY time Hot Shot!!!

Expert:  DrRussMD replied 6 years ago.
The other expert has opted out and i have reviewed the posts.
The problem is this.
The antibody test only means your husband has been exposed.
The virus can stay dormant and not infect anyone.
It can reactivate later in life under stress.
So you can draw no conclusions and there is no way to say he got this in the last 18 months...could have been child hood.
We are talking about cold sores.
Some people never express one even though they have the antibody....they are effectively immune at this point, or the virus is latent. Not active.
Good luck
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