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In bone marrow, do the stem cells present in the bone marrow

Customer Question

In bone marrow, do the stem cells present in the
bone marrow differentiate to form all the
types of cells in the human body?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Nurse Susan replied 6 years ago.

I hope I can help with this question; it is a good one.
There are two different forms of the stem cell. One is embryonic, and one is adult. The embryonic stem cells are in embryos...and they are pluripotent, meaning that they have the capability to form into any type of cell in the body.

The cells found in marrow are adult stem cells. Adult stem cells can only form the tissue of the organ they are found in. So, as the marrow grows blood cells, most stem cells of the marrow can only form the different types of blood cell. However, a subtype of bone marrow adult stem cell CAN generate bone, cartilage, fat, fibrous connection tissues, and cells that help transport blood. (blood vessels)

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