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A. Schuyler, NP
A. Schuyler, NP, Nurse Practitioner
Category: Health
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Experience:  Board Certified NP, MS, RN. 25 years private practice & hospitalist
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I had a toxic exposure at work with initial vertigo and

Customer Question

I had a toxic exposure at work with initial vertigo and nausea and sinus paint. Within 2 two weeks I developed flu like symptoms that progressed into CFIDS. After 5 months of being almost bed ridden and unable to work, I had to take an early retirement. Can you direct me to a toxicologist that might be able to assist me in determining a correlation between the exposure and my illness?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  A. Schuyler, NP replied 6 years ago.


Welcome to Just Answer and thanks for your question. What toxic substance were you exposed to?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Unsure. It appeared that when they cleaned the carpet with a solvent that many EEs got ill, with lost time, staticus, U/R et Sinus C/O . However, there was also a poor mold abatement in the building . I worked on locked Psych Unit with closed vent system. MSDS report showed possibility of infection with "spores" for immunocompromised patients. My immediate reaction was with nausea, vertigo, burning sinus. In the past I have had had I have had EBV, Viral Reactive syndrome and Valley Fever in the past- so I probably am at risk. After 2 weeks post expsure, I developed flu like symtpoms that have really knocked me for a loop. I am symptomatic for CFS/FM. Profound fatigue, burning in extremities, H/A, joint pain. I am sero-positive for several infections which could also be bio toxic. To date I have been unable to connect my disability to the exposure and am wondering if a toxicologist could spread more light on the issue. I had requested a toxicoligist through this service.
Expert:  A. Schuyler, NP replied 6 years ago.

This service does not recommend specific toxicologists because we have no way to verify their credentials or expertise. Your local Health Department is your best source for verified toxicologists. I'm concerned though, that finding any exposure that happened months ago is like trying to identify who you caught the cold that you had last Thanksgiving from. Probably any chemical would long have been circulated out of the environment just through normal traffic through the area. Your Health Department may be better able to shed some light on it, although you may never be able to associate your symptoms with any exposure.