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Ten days ago I urinated blood. My urologist has sent me for

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Ten days ago I urinated blood. My urologist has sent me for a Cat Scan of the stomach and pelvic area and I am scheduled for a systoscope on Thursday.The doctor gave me Cipro for 7 days and it seemed to clear. This morning I saw some blood in my urine again. Is there anything else I should do?
Do you have pain in urination?
Do you have weak stream of urine?
Frequent urination in night?
What was the report of Cat scan?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

No Pain

Normal Urination

Have enlarged prostate-urinate 1-2 times at night.Taking generic of Flomax

Doctor said he will discuss the results of the Cat scan when I see him on Thursday.

Last PSA was 1.9 a few weeks ago.

The PSA reading will vary from man to man and the normal level increases with age. But the following values are a rough guide-
PSA readings 3 or less is considered to be in the normal range for a man under 60 years old
PSA readings 4 or less is normal for a man aged 60-69
PSA readings 5 or less is normal if you are aged over 70.
A reading higher than these values, but less than 10 is usually due to a benign enlarged prostate.
Blood in urine can be due to various reasons. The most common are -
-Kidney and bladder stones,
-Urinary tract infection,
-Prostate gland enlargement.
Chances of urinary infection are less, as you are already given antibiotics course. Either it can be stone or it can be related with Prostate gland enlargement.
Meanwhile take plenty of fluids, Drink cranberry juice, and you should see your doctor and get further testing on Thursday.
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Dr Robert.
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