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Susan Ivy
Susan Ivy, Nurse (RN)
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Having witnessed such achievments over the years, with

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Hello, Having witnessed such achievments over the years, with surgery to the brain, I am in awe as to how patients have improved. My question. "If the all of these advancements control the moving parts of the body, is there any thought to improving one's IQ through surgery"?
I have lived 75 years of frustration.

Hello and thank you for using JustAnswer Health for you question.

The brain is so very delicate, with consistency sometimes described as similar to butter and gelatin! Therefore surgical procedures are very tricky and usually are only done in cases where tumor is growing or to remove clots from the circulatory system, or blockages from the cerebral spinal fluid system which bathes the brain.

Where it was once thought that the plasticity of the brain (the ability for the brain to change) was completed by around age 6 or 7, it is now known that it is possible for the brain to change as long as one is living. Of course young children still have the greatest ability to improve or damage their brain - and much of this is related to what they are exposed to intellectually, emotionally, and physically/nutritionally - as well as do to the fact that they have an overabundance of brain cells that are gradually decreased over the first 7 years depending on what is 'used'.

But again, as long as one lives, the brain can be improved. This is achieved by 'exercising' the brain. New pathways are formed when ever you learn something new. So the more variety in one's environment, and the more they focus and study, the more they will be able to increase their brain power, even influencing the IQ.

Because the brain is made up almost entirely of the essential fatty acids such as the Omega 3's it is important to have plenty of these essential fats in the diet. These fats are obtained by consuming cold water ocean fish, free range animals, and by certain other grains and nuts such as flax seed or flax seed oil, walnuts, almonds, etc.

As one ages, certain neurotransmitters that are important to brain functioning may gradually become depleted (especially if there has been prolonged stress, or there has not been a well rounded diet). There are medications that can assist with replenishing these neurotransmitters, and studies are showing that over time they increase certain areas of mass in the brain. These drugs include the SSRI ans SNRI medications.

I hope this is helpful for your question intent. Please reply to this post if you have questions or need clarification so that we may assist you until you are satisfied with your answer.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Dear *****,

Thanks so much for your answer. Are you sure you are not a doctor?

At some point in my childhood something went radically wrong with my ability to use my brain. My class mates were way ahead of me. I didn't remember songs like, God Bless America, the National Anthem, Pledge of Allegiance for years later I still have problems with them. I've been told by show people that I have a wonderful singing voice. I could not remember the words. I have very little comprehension, concentration, ability to solve problems, remembering anything. 75 years of this has been a drudgery in hell. I read every word you typed, but did I understand any of it? How I wish I did. I have always wanted to learn. I feel as though I waisted my life.

Thanks, Ron

That is interesting, perhaps you had a virus or had trauma or something else that effected that part of your brain. Must have affected your self esteem greatly as a child to notice such a difference in your abilities compared to others.

You do sound very good now and like you understood everything. I wonder if you also have a problem with self esteem and/or depression? Did you know that difficulty with memory can be a sign of depression? Depression is much more chemical than once thought, in other words it effects your brain and body, not necessarily just emotions, and in fact one can be depressed without even feeling sad! Signs can include fatigue, poor memory, low self confidence and loss of hope. I truly doubt you have wasted your life, I'm sure many have been affected by you positively. Plus, at only 75 you may have another 25 years to enjoy and contribute to life!

Another thing that is very important to brain health is exercise. Circulation is kept intact by exercise, and circulation brings oxygen and nutrients to the brain. Also, if you have no problem with your stomach and are not taking any other medications to interfere with it you may want to consider taking one aspirin per day, because this can also help to keep the circulation open in the brain and elsewhere in the body.

This website is a very good one to find tips on increasing exercise as we age, to read about signs of depression, and for many other tips on living healthy and positively:

(the above website seems to be down right now {not working} probably to do maintenance, but do try it again later or tomorrow if you can't get to it right now)

I am happy to provide you with other resources if you are looking for help in this area that I have not covered.

Susan Ivy and 2 other Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Dear *****,

Finally i'm having a dialog about this very painful problem. I consider myself a phony. Sure, it's easy for me to say that i'm dumb when people see me as I am. A 6', manly functioning guy, extremely friendly which is used as a cover. A smile as a mask, lies to make me feel equal, if not better. I can see by my writings that it is difficult to feel my pain. It's not great reading, but it's readable. I have always been able to hide my short comings somehow.

If I remember correctly, my IQ was under 70. I do stupid things like loan out money, so much so that I am facing foreclosure. I may have to live in the street, and am scared out of my mind. I refuse to meet any women for I am afraid they will find me out. I have to make people laugh, and usually do, especially when i'm in the mood.

Maybe I will end this all for now. Susan, if you know of any doctor who might be interested please give them my email address. *****@******.***

Thanks so much, Ron

Ron, I am not able to use your email, JustAnswer permits us to write you only through this forum.

It is very likely that there were mistakes to the IQ test when you took it. This is quite possible. You should be retested. For now just trust that you are smarter than that. I am quite sure you would not be able to have this dialog at all if your IQ was 70.

Giving away money indicates a problem with judgement and self esteem, not necessarily intellect. The ability to think through the process to even try to 'cover' is not something a person with a low IQ would even be able to comprehend.

Do you have insurance? If not, I can probably assist you in finding Health and psychological services in your area that will either be free or based on your income. If you are able to tell me of your city or county I can provide this info for you, or I can provide you with a link to look up yourself.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Dear *****,

I live in Sunrise, Florida 33322. After a few exchanges of emails, you have become precious to me. I have never told anyone of my written side. I really felt some relief after typing it to you. There is a lot more, and believe me, I seem to be much brighter in my letters than I really am. If it weren't for lucking out by having bright people to help me, I would be much worse off than I am.

A large and lousy result of my life, because of my stupidity is that I lost my daughter and 11/2 sons. One son I may speak to a few times a year. That accounts for a half a son.

There may be others like me, in fact maybe many more.

Take care, Ron

Hi - I am gonig to search for information for you in the morning. I hope you do not mind waiting. Thank you.