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My daughter is on the drug Suboxene.She has been using this

Resolved Question:

My daughter is on the drug Suboxene.She has been using this drug for the past year,to help her from using hard drugs. How can she come off this drug? It is very expensive.I have paid for it this whole year because I am so worried that she will start using again after she gets off the Suboxone. Thanks, Nancy
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Susan Ivy replied 6 years ago.

Hello and thank you for using JustAnswer Health for your question.

There are a few programs that can help with the cost of this drug. The prescribing doctor should know of them, and can usually have something like 3 of every 60 patients on a supplemented or discounted program. He may or may not be able to put her on this program.

Another program currently in place provides a discount if she used the strips instead of the tablets and you can save $75.00 per month, for aproximately 5 or 6 months. They work exactly the same, the strips are a newer form - still go under the tongue or inside the cheek but dissolve quicker and without as bad as a taste reportedly). If the pharmacy she goes to doesn't have them at first, just ask them and they can usually get it within 24 hours, if you are in a large city. Of course, her doctor has to prescribe the strips instead of the pills, but this should not be a problem. Here is the page to read about this program (look to the left top):

Hopefully your daughter is seeing a Psychiatrist who is an additionologist for her prescription This is usually best because the doctor should be evaluating her to taper the Suboxone, and also to see if she has any underlying depression or anxiety issues that need treatment. I know that may sound like more medications to buy, but if the doctor knows there are financial issues, and she does have some other underlying issues he/she can prescribe generic forms that are much less expensive (there are good anitdepressant, anti-anxiety, and mood stabilizing medication that are generic - Suboxone has not become generic just yet).

This should help you at least for a few months. Please reply to this post if you have further questions on this topic or need clarification so that we may assist you utnil you are satisfied with your answer.

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