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Quick question...My sister had a rt hip replacement done

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quick question...My sister had a rt hip replacement done successfully in Sept (14th), now had spine surgery on her lumbar discs. The dr went in and tightened the nuts and bolts from the stomach. My deep fear is Should she fall, how can I get her up to her feet? Will I have to call a paramedic? Can I do it myself? She knock wood is walking up and down the street last 4 days w/out pain. But, I, worry. What do you suggest?
You can do it yourself.

Please don't worry.

The "nuts and bolts" from the spine surgery and hip replacement should be very securely fastened into the bones.

It would take a very serious injury for those to be jarred loose -- something like falling off the roof of a two story house, or in a car accident going at very high speed. A simple fall from standing should not have enough force to dislodge these things. Of course -- it is possible -- but very unlikely. You can get her up safely any way you can should she fall.
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