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I have a small hard (bony feeling) lump at the back of my ear

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I have a small hard (bony feeling) lump at the back of my ear at the top. When I bend my ear forward I can see the lump sticking up from the skin - it seems to be under the skin and the skin moves over it rather than the lump moving. I wear glasses and don't know if that has worn a groove in my cartilage? I noticed the lump 3 months ago - but only because my ear felt sore. The lump might have been there for years??

Is that lump behind the ear or just at the backside of ear? please clarify the location. Have you visited doctor so far?


Do you have an ear discharge or ear related symptoms?



Customer: replied 6 years ago.
The lump is on the actual ear - not on the head behind the ear.


Thanks for your reply.


I am an Ear, nose & throat specialist and wants to help you.


First of all i would say that as it is not dangerous. This is most probably a lump related to the ear cartilage. Can be something like a chondroma or it can be a growth separate from cartilage like a cyst which sometime can give hard feeling on this ear surface because the skin here is tightly adherent to the underlying structures here.


You need to see an ENT doctor for this and he can investigate this further either with a needle biopsy or can excise it and hitopathological examination afterwards.


Donot worry, this is not serious and has nothing to do with glasses.


I hope this helps you.


Please ask more if you want or click ACCEPT i have answered your question.




Dr Hasan

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
If this is not serious - then does it really need any treatment? Is there a slight chance of it being something serious?

Well definite answer can be given by examining doctor but with the location and history you have given, this doesnot seems to be serious . Keep observing it and if it doesnot give you any discomfort, if it doesnot increase in size and doesnot give any cosmetic deformity then you can leave it. But doctor's visit is always best.



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