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My daughter always has her head to turned to the right side,

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My daughter always has her head to turned to the right side, especially far back too. She can move her head from side to side & hold it up quite well. But it bothers me, especially on her tummy time, she wont turn her head over on the left side, she keeps it over to the right side & when I try to turn it over for her she wont let me. Her Pedetrition said it was just the way she was laying in the womb & its normal. Any advice & might something be wrong?

Welcome to Just Answer. It is my pleasure to help you today!

Great Job mom on detecting this!

It sounds like your daughter might have torticollis.

Muscular torticollis is noticeable at birth due to the inability of the infant to turn its head in all directions. Which is what you are describing.

The head is tilted toward the problem muscle. It's not known exactly why this happens, but the most common explanation is that the baby is positioned improperly in the uterus.

Nothing can be done to prevent that so this problem must be treated when it is noticed.

Physical therapy is the best way to start treatment.

A physical therapist can teach the parents proper stretching techniques to stretch the effected muscle.

With physical therapy most muscular torticollis will resolve.

If it fails, surgical correction may be necessary.

Once corrected, this problem should not recur.

Causes of congenital torticollis other than muscular torticollis, trauma, inflammation, neurologic problems, and all of the other causes can be more difficult to treat.

If the underlying problem can be corrected then that is the preferable route. If not, then strengthening exercises and ultimately surgery may be helpful in some cases.

Talk to your Pediatriacian to see if they think this could be what is going on.

Best Wishes,


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